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10 anime characters that would be a perfect match for dingy chainsaw man

in story chainsaw manBloody action and gritty genre deconstruction are the norm, but even in a brutal shonen anime series like this one, there’s still time for more personal and intimate stories as well. The protagonist, Dingy, may be a monstrous sawman, but he’s not a monster. He’s a teenage boy who just wants to live a comfortable and happy life, and he wants someone to share that life with.

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As many shonen fans can relate to, Denji is eager to have his first ever girlfriend, and hopes his partner will make him feel more satisfied and less alone. He might be a rude and obnoxious fellow at times, but if given the chance, Denji would bounce back, be on his best behavior and try some potential dates from all over the anime world. Lots of girls are his kind.

10/10 Mina Ashido is the spirited heroine of Genki (My Hero Academia)

Denji would like to have a girlfriend who shares his simple personality and carefree lifestyle, which means he wouldn’t really get along with Momo Yaoyorozu. But among the girls of Class 1-A, Denji could have far better luck with cheerful Genki girl Mina Ashido, the “Pinky” apprentice champion.

If dingy acts himself, he can impress Mina with his unique ‘Quirk’ and make a good impression with simple but effective romantic gestures like a low-cost bouquet of flowers. Or he can simply invite Mina to a burger joint and chat with her happily on an afternoon away as her fellow heroes.

9/10 Cana Alberona loves to have fun (Fairy Tail)

The Fairy Tail Guild is a huge found family, and each member of the guild would gladly risk their lives for the rest, seeing them as brothers and sisters in arms. Alberona was also, and in between drinking sessions, she is a reliable and powerful ally as an agent of magical cards.

Meanwhile, Denji has at least some appreciation for the strength of the families and friendships that have been found since he was very lonely before meeting Power, Makima, and Aki. He can put up with it, but he’d rather hang out with a cool girl like Cana and fight by her side if demons appear. Their personalities will blend in well.

8/10 Nobara Kugisaki Is Tough & Cool (Jujutsu Kaisen)

In many ways, hammer-wielding Nobara Kojisaki resembles a tamer version of Bauer, both of whom are tough shounen heroines who do not tolerate any bullshit from friend or foe alike. Unlike the evil force, Nupara has better life skills and will not betray an ally for any reason.

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Nopara is more polite than raw strength, and she also knows how to balance her beauty with her raw strength as a magician, which is a winning combination. Denji will love it on any potential date, and he won’t miss the chance to explore the many attractions of Tokyo with her on a casual date.

7/10 Kohaku fights for her friends (Doctor Stone)

If a wave of petrification swept a world chainsaw man And dingy has woken up in the new stone age, and he’s going to need some reliable allies ASAP. For food and shelter, Denji will join the Senku Ishigami Kingdom of Science as a bodyguard, but he prefers hanging out with Kohaku in his daily life.

Denji can respect anyone who knows how to fend for themselves, and Kohaku doesn’t even need to hold a demon to fight so fiercely. She and Dungey will soon meet as real, practical people who know what they like. It would have been better for Dunji to convince Kohaku’s father first.

6/10 Catarina Claes Is No Ordinary Princess (My Next Life as a Villain)

Dingy’s first impression of Catarina Claes would be that she was an elitist, arrogant princess, but he would be wonderfully wrong. Katrina may be the daughter of a powerful noble family in the world of otome games lucky loverbut she actually looks more like a dingy than anyone would expect.

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Aside from her fancy ball gowns, Katrina shares dingy’s love of food, friendship and fun, and the humble basics of any happy life. It’s about the joys of everyday life, not the pretentious trappings of high society, and it has a warm allure despite its intensity. She would have made a great date for Dungey on any ball.

5/10 Chika Fujiwara knows how to party (Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War)

The reclusive Kaguya Shinomiya and the nervous Miku Ino wouldn’t stand up to five minutes of Denji’s company even if Denji was on his best behavior, but the pink-haired Chika Fujiwara is a different story. Like Katharina, Chika comes from high society, but she rarely behaves like this.

Instead, Chika is all about fun, games and gossip, and can turn anything into a wacky adventure. She and Dungey love to complement their lives as they go and enjoy the amenities of the immediate world around them, so they get along wonderfully on an adventurous first date. anything could happen.

4/10 Shikimori will give Denji a chance

Shikimori is a cruel, intelligent, beautiful, and kind high school girl who generously gives anyone a chance if she sees some good in them. Denji may come on strong at first, but he’s really not a bad guy, just a lost boy who needs some stability in his life. Shikimori can work with that.

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In exchange for Shikimori’s generosity, Denji will be on his best behavior and will keep his wild side in check. Shikimori is all about warm, stable relationships, and Denji craves it more than anything else. He can give his best and ask Shikimori out on their first date, and things should go well.

3/10 Sera Only Wants Real Friends (Black Summoner)

Like most isekai anime series, black summoner He had the character of a Demon King, but he was already dead. Instead, protagonist Kelvin spends more time with the King’s only daughter, Princess Sera, an unruly but gentle girl who embraces the power of friendship.

Sera and Dungey would understand each other if they met. They have evil powers that most people don’t mean to see, and they were both terribly lonely until someone gave them a chance. Their similar backgrounds and almost similar personalities can lead to a strong friendship, and possibly a meaningful love story as well.

2/10 Yumeko jabami is wild and free, just like denji (kakigurui)

On the other hand, Denji would be horrible at high stakes gambling, and Yumiko Jabami has no supernatural powers. Then again, these two shounen heroes have similar personalities, both are reckless adventurers and want to live life to the fullest no matter what anyone thinks.

It also helps that aside from those games, Yumiko is a simple, friendly, open-minded person who takes life as it comes, and you’ll find Denji very funny. If Denji could gain courage, he would ask Yumiko out, and she would definitely give him a chance. Love is a gamble after all.

1/10 Raftalia and Denji have common ground (The Rise of the Shield Hero)

The Demon Princess Cera isn’t the only one who can identify with Denji’s ruthless lifestyle. Raphtalia loses her family and friends when her hometown is raided by slave traders, and she ends up in captivity until Naofumi, Iskai’s brave heroine, recruits her as a party member. Now Raphtalia views Naofumi as her adoptive father, as does Philo.

Raftalia is close to Naofumi, but it will give Denji a chance if he gets Iskai here as well. He’s also grown up a bit, and just needs someone to accept him for who he is. Raphtalia will sympathize, and perhaps get a lot closer soon afterwards.

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