Son Goku In Dragon Ball Z And Ichigo Kurosaki In Bleach

10 anime characters who accidentally killed someone

Several anime characters have accidentally killed a loved one. Some of them were not in control of their actions, as they were given powers that most people would not be able to safely exercise. Despite this, most of these characters couldn’t help but feel that they could have done something to avoid their mistakes.

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The other characters were tricked into believing that they were doing the right thing, or that there would be no consequences for their actions. Fans can’t help but feel pity for the characters when these incidents happen, but these moments are often turning points in the characters that change them drastically.

This article contains spoilers from Demon Slayer Mango.

10/10 Son Goku turns into a great ape and kills Grandpa Gohan

Dragon Ball

When Goku was a child, Grandpa Gohan learned about Goku’s ability to transform into a great ape after looking at the full moon. He warned Goku to stay inside and sleep in order to avoid the great ape. After hitting his head, Goku becomes a kind and obedient child.

However, he was still very curious. One night, Goku fails to listen to his grandfather’s warnings. He transformed, and his strength was too much for Gohan to bear. Many years passed before he realized he was in charge. He only put the pieces together after learning about the transformation from Vegeta.

9/10 Zarif killed Mavis with a kiss

fairy tale story

Zarif and Mavis cursed the contradiction. They both felt a kinship with each other, as they feared that their curse would be able to kill anyone they cared about. Isolation of their immortality from others. Their friendship blossomed and turned into a romance, in which they promised to stay with each other.

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When they exchange a kiss, the curse takes Mavis’ life despite the immortality it gave him for Khosram, which drives Zarif to despair. Mavis still had some magic emanating from her, and she was able to produce an illusion that allowed her to interact with her guild members.

8/10 Show the reverse of time for her father

My hero academy

As a younger child, Airi did not fully understand or control her instincts. She inadvertently reversed time for her father, to the point where he no longer exists. This resulted in her mother disowning her, eventually leaving her in the care of reform.

The fix would manipulate and physically harm her, which is why Eri gets so upset when she sees the heroes get hurt for her. It wasn’t until she was freed from his clutches that she learned how to stop blaming herself for things that happened in the past.

7/10 Tamayo killed her family after Muzan turned her into a demon

Demon Slayer

Thanks to Muzan, many demons have been forced out of their humanity. Tamayo is one of the victims of Muzan Kibutsuji. When she was terminally ill, Muzan approaches her promising to cure her illness. She accepted gratefully, but as a demon, she killed her husband, children, and a number of other people.

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When she realized what she had done, grief overtook her. She stayed by Muzan’s side for a while as his maid, and her spirit seemed to be broken. She regains her freedom and hope of defeating Muzan one day after Yoriichi Tsujikuni nearly kills him.

6/10 Kenshin killed his wife during a battle

Kenshin Rurouni

Himura killed Kenshin’s childhood friend and fiancĂ© Yukichiro Tomoe, making her desire for revenge. The two soon marry, and Tomoe finds herself falling in love with him while working as a spy for the shogunate.

In order to prevent the leader of Yaminobu from killing Kenshin, she got between the two of them. Kenshin’s sword hit Tomo and the commander. He couldn’t do anything to save her, and became even sadder when he realized that he had spoiled her previous engagement. After that, he wanted to give up killing.

5/10 Nao Yasumori killed her family, thinking she would make them immortal


Nao Yasumori never experienced the warmth of a loving family until she married Mikiyasu Yasumori. She had a child with him, and her husband’s husband adored her. She was killed by the Kirishiki family after mistakenly inviting them to enter. This also led to the resurrection of Kishiki.

As Shiki, she gained immortality, and she hoped to turn her family into Shiki as well so that they could stay together forever. Her attempts to do so only killed them, and none of them rose from their graves. It wasn’t until they were gone that she realized she had judged the only people who loved her.

4/10 Yuno Gasai is imprisoned by her parents

future diary

Yuno Gasai had a rough childhood. After she was adopted, her father had to work more. This made her mother resentful, and she concluded that everyone hated her. Whenever Yuno did something wrong, her mother would lock her in a cage.

Her father did nothing to stop her, leaving Yuno at the mercy of her mother. Yuno could not stand much abuse, and managed to lock her parents in the same cage. I eventually forgot about them, and they later died of starvation.

3/10 Ichigo forced Kurosaki to kill the Soul King


When Yhwach arrived at the Soul King’s mansion, he ran the Soul King with his sword. Ichigo tried to save the Soul King, but Blut vene was activated, and his arm moved on its own.

Ichigo relegated the final match, dealing a fatal blow to the Soul King. Despite Orihime Inoue’s attempts to save him, her efforts are unsuccessful. Yhwach explained that Ichigo’s Quincy’s blood could not tolerate the presence of a Soul King, but Yhwach was responsible for making Ichigo kill the man he was trying to help.

2/10 Sato Kazuma scared himself to death


Satou Kazuma is one of the most embarrassing deaths in the isekai anime. When he was walking outside, he saw a girl from his school. He mistakenly thought she was about to be hit by a truck, and without thinking pushed her off the road without hesitation.

In the afterlife, he discovered that it was actually a tractor that was going to stop before hitting anyone. Thinking he was run over, Kazuma actually died of shock. This showed how unnecessary his death was, and his attempt to be a hero led to his death.

1/10 Maruguri accidentally crushes his brother instead of Saitama

one man punch

A pair of bad guys, Fukegao and Marugori, were called Brain and Brawn Brothers. Fukegao developed a drug that turned Maruguri into a giant mutated monster. They sought to conquer the world with their common strength and intellect.

They smashed City D until they were finally confronted by Saitama, who stood on Maruguri’s shoulder. Furious, Fukegao demanded his brother kill the hero. Without thinking, Marugori slapped his hand on the wrong shoulder, killing his brother. Maruguri was enraged, but was easily defeated by Saitama.

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