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10 Anime Powers That Are Too Confusing

Many anime titles contain mind-blowing plot twists and bewildering scenarios that prove useful in exercising minds. However, some bypass these phenomena and include energy systems as well as unusual abilities that keep everyone in a vicious circle. For example, the forces that appear in titles like Dragon Ball And the My hero academy Too complicated.

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While some of these obvious abilities are meaningless to audiences, some are beyond comprehension because they take up so much mental space. Overall, these anime powers motivate fans to take matters into their own hands as they search deep within the internet for the answers they need.

10/10 It’s hard to keep up with Goku’s ever-increasing abilities

Dragon Ball

Often the strongest of forces are the most confusing of them all; son of goku from Dragon Ball It is a very original example. The hero possesses countless techniques, from Kamehameha to Dragon Fist, and above all, has many forms of transformation, from Super Saiyan Blue to Saiyan Beyond God.

as such Dragon Ball Progressing, the hero becomes more stable with each episode by learning all kinds of new techniques and mutations. The more abilities Goku adds to his kit, the more confusing he will be for fans trying to keep up with this form of piety.

9/10 Everything mixes up when Chuuya gloves come out

Bungo Stray Dogs

While Chuuya Nakahara’s charisma abilities are easy to understand, his unstoppable version appears when he takes off his gloves negatively affecting his Bungo Stray Dogs fans. The character is already overpowered and almost invincible with his gloves on, he can handle anything and everything he touches, but when the gloves come off, he can literally obliterate the entire world.

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However, Chuuya is not in control when that happens. It is the god of affliction, Arahabaki, who dwells within him. When Arahabaki takes over, Chuuya can release energy that acts as tiny black holes and create a barrier that destroys anything he touches, eventually possessing really broken and somewhat confusing powers.

8/10 Takemichi’s ability requires further explanation

Tokyo Avengers

Time travel has always been a very difficult idea, but Tokyo Avengers Somehow it makes it more confusing. In the series, Takemichi Hanagaki’s ability allows him to travel through time, but with certain conditions that need further explanation.

For starters, Takemichi was able to travel through time on his own at the beginning of the story, but later on, his ability relied on an external trigger. Second, he can only go back in time to certain years, with the years being variable for the type of mission he and the person he shakes hands with, which raises a lot of questions about the origin of his power.

7/10 It’s hard to keep up with Garo’s powers

one man punch

Despite being just a human, Garou is a threat to the entire Association of Heroes in one man punch. After all, a man is called a human beast for a reason. He can sense intent – fend off attacks even from his blind spots, avoid hundreds of bullets at once, and can survive any attack and live to tell the tale.

Whether it’s sheer strength, sheer toughness, enhanced senses, unbeatable stamina, unstoppable speed, or enhanced adaptability, the Garou has anything and everything in sheer quantity, which makes defining How powerful it is is somewhat confusing. Above all, its cosmic form opens a field of possibilities that are increasingly difficult to comprehend.

6/10 Mahito’s awesome abilities make his powers a bit puzzling

Jujutsu Kisen

in Jujutsu KisenMahito is a cursed spirit born out of people’s hatred of others, and since this type of hatred is ubiquitous, it makes him incredibly powerful. He possesses the ability to manipulate spirits, and since the soul came before the body, at least according to his opinion, with just one touch, he could manipulate the bodies as well.

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On the surface, Mahito’s abilities may seem easy to understand. However, the sheer size of his extended technologies, including Body Repel, and Soul Multiplicity, as well as their combination, make the extent of his formidable abilities a little confusing. Furthermore, the concept of understanding one’s innate spirit only to overcome the domineering spirit that is Mahito opens up another can of worms.

5/10 Saitama’s unwavering strength remains a mystery

one man punch

Saitama’s explanation of how he obtained his amazing powers wasn’t a good fit one man punch fans. Having such indomitable abilities with such an average cultivation system seemed like a joke, making everyone convinced that even he didn’t know the secret of his abilities. As a result, many theories appeared on the Internet where many tried to justify his broken powers as accurately as possible.

Some claimed that one man punch The universe mixed ideas with reality, while some believed that the hero had met God. Although the manga vaguely presented a determinant theory on the subject, any proper rationale for The Caped Baldy’s unbeatable power remains a mystery for fans to solve.

4/10 The new development in one for all messing with everyone’s heads

My hero academy

Deku’s ability, One For All, was easy to understand at first, but as he began to unlock new quirks within him, the concept of One For All became hard to keep up. My hero academy fans. It all started when he gained the ability to use the Black Whip, all of a sudden, in his fight against Class 1-B students, and it was nothing short of shocking.

The event introduced the possibility for Deku to gain dribbles from all previous One For All holders, which it did. However, it almost made the whole thing difficult, with a lot of unanswered questions, including speculation regarding his ability to exclusively harness these abilities.

3/10 It’s definitely not easy to understand Gojo’s abilities

Jujutsu Kisen

Satoru Gojo is truly the most powerful magician alive in the world Jujutsu KisenAnd he has many cards up his sleeve to back up his title. His cursed energy is off the charts, his cursed techniques contain unimaginable power, and his domain expansion is unique.

However, the powers that Gojo possesses may be the most powerful, but they are definitely not easy to understand. Whether it’s Cursed Technique Lapse and Cursed Technique Reversal or their combination, Hollow Purple, each of its abilities takes up a great deal of mental space to understand what’s really going on in the space-time continuum when it activates it.

2/10 The Ackermann family’s capabilities remain a head scratcher

The attack on the Giants

all ability in The attack on the Giants It’s fairly easy to understand, but the power of the Ackermans hangs on as a mystery. While the Ackermann family could be said to have no special ability, the physical prowess found in each family member seemed more than a coincidence.

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Whether it’s Mikasa’s mother or Levi’s uncle, each Ackerman is amazingly skilled and incredibly powerful without any fault. To add even more to the mists, the Ackerman Dynasty is also immune to the memory-erasing power of the Founding Colossus, which is another puzzle for fans to solve.

1/10 King Crimson throws everyone for a ring

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

diavolo from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure He possesses one of the most awkward and most confusing abilities of all animation. He has the stand to use the King Crimson to erase time up to 10 seconds, which becomes unbeatable when mixed with his sub stand to use the Epitaph, allowing him to stare into the future, up to 10 seconds too.

While the manga clearly states that Diavolo contains the ability to erase time, some fans can’t help but see that his powers transcend more time rather than erase them due to the way it looks from the outside. However, no one can fully explain what happens when King Crimson is activated, because it asks so many questions that it’s hard to get into.

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