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10 anime series that never went anywhere

The Japanese anime world is always ready to provide an amazing story for fans of any cinematic genre. Anyone who wants an honest love story can try proven hits like Toradora! And the fruit basketwhile thrill lovers should tune in Demon Slayer And the Tokyo Avengers. This great anime series often delivers a great ending that will stay with viewers for years to come and make fans want for more.

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A great ending is a vital component of any story, but unfortunately, some anime series do nothing. By the end of the anime, it became clear that the plot ran in circles or barely even existed. In many cases the original manga will continue the story and make the plot go somewhere, but only anime fans are sure to be disappointed with a story that hasn’t done much on its own.

10/10 My life in Isekai was just aimless wandering

It is true that in the story My life IsekaiThe threat of the cult of the blue moon has reached its dramatic climax in which protagonist Yuji and his friends are fighting a great sage who has tried to destroy the entire world. But the cult of the blue moon persists, and the threat remains. Yuji is back where he started.

Even worse, Yuji hadn’t seen any character growth or development outside of his love for Angus steak, and world building was minimal. Yuji has nothing to seek or escape from, so after some point, his wandering journey in this fantasy land seems futile.

9/10 Shikimori is not just a cutie who does little

rom-com anime title Shikimori is not just cute Characterized by a strong-willed, energetic heroine who could have been the next Marin Kitagawa, but she failed, and so did she generally Shikimore Japanese comics. This is one of those slice of life animated series that is a lot like an extended session Sims.

Dignitaries Shikimore They all say things and do things and have romantic feelings, but these 12 episodes didn’t really add up. By the time the final credits rolled, not much had changed apart from the addition of some new characters like Shikimori’s older brother tsundere and blue-haired love rival.

8/10 Annoying Senpai has made a little progress

Senpai my annoying is a charming but ultimately directionless josei anime series revolving around the small but tough tsundere office worker Futaba Igarashi. A young salesperson at her company, Futaba is eager to prove her worth, and most of all to her obnoxious but kind co-worker Harumi Takeda.

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Senpai my annoying It has its moments, but after its first season, not much has changed, except for two side characters who took the first steps in the meeting. Meanwhile, Futaba didn’t have much to show for doing 12 episodes in the first season.

7/10 His girlfriend, his girlfriend passed away very slowly

rom-com short address girlfriend, girlfriend He will eventually get a second season, but as now, very little has happened with the plot except for the addition of new girls to the main character’s harem. season 2 may be Move the plot somewhere, but then again, you could not do it easily.

Naoya is the main man involved, and he is committed to his girlfriend Saki Saki while also having a generous life for his dandere Nagisa Minase, which Saki Saki can barely afford. Even as two other girls join the battle, girlfriend, girlfriend Keep going in circles.

6/10 Tonikawa: Over the moon you have a long way to go

Tonicoa: Over the moon for you It’s another rom-com anime title that had so much fun with its healthy appeal that he forgot to actually go somewhere. The original manga may be ongoing, but Tonikawa It is progressing at a slow pace.

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This anime is mostly about the relaxed and romantic atmosphere of the innocent Nasa Yuzaki and his mysterious new bride Tsukasa. They even take a vacation together and come back to find their apartment burned down, but in the end, not much has changed. And Tsukasa’s secret isn’t going anywhere either.

5/10 My next life as a villain doesn’t go anywhere by design

On the one hand, a plot My next life as a villain It became quite circular, but that was the plan of protagonist Katharina Claes all along. Katarina, as the reborn opponent, can’t allow it lucky loverA plot to come to an end or you will face its doom. Therefore, the plot stopped in its tracks.

Instead, Katrina is the center of an innocent, mixed harem of friends, and if Katrina can get her way, things will stay that way forever. lucky loverThe plot will remain pause. Other conflicts appear, but in general, lucky loverThe plot of the movie is frozen, and the same is true of the anime itself.

4/10 The magical Sempai was the prelude and nothing more

Semi-mysterious short high school anime magical simpai It was just bare-bones, to the point that the main characters didn’t even have names, including the silver-haired female hero and her new male boyfriend, simply known as Assistant-kun. There is not even a symbolic romantic subplot.

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This short anime has its charms, but anyone expecting a memorable plot or strong drama should pass. magical simpaiEpisodes of the series revolve around the hilarious incidents of the heroine with stage magic and a little more, and the addition of new characters has changed little.

3/10 Love is like a cocktail that needs no conspiracy

In most cases, “the plot went nowhere” is a form of criticism of a TV show or manga series, but few series are actually better. basic, yashiki Animated series Slice of Life is better because it has no real plot or conflict. Rather, it is about the whimsical joys of everyday life.

This charming little anime is about hardworking Chisato, who looks forward to her husband’s latest mixed drinks and cocktails that her husband Sora makes for her. Each mini-episode is entirely about the latest drink Sora makes for his lover wife, and that’s all there is to it Love is like a cocktail Need.

2/10 Senryu anime girl was humble comfort food

Seneo Girl It is a decent rom-com anime that should attract fans Komi can’t communicate, because they share a beautiful but silent female premise that usually communicates with writing. This is the daily tale of Nanako and her new friend, the reformed delinquent Eiji Busujima.

Not much notice occurs in Seneo Girl. It’s just 12 short episodes of healthy, innocent fun, and the main characters are still a long way from declaring “I love you.” This will not satisfy fans of more substantial romance like fruit basketbut it does make some viewing easy.

1/10 When will Ayumu move? I’ve never had a romantic checkmate

When will Ayumu move? It is another rom-com anime that had fun with its central premise but didn’t have the guts to actually go somewhere. In episode 11, it seemed that kuudere boy Ayumu Takeda would declare his love for the girl of his dreams, Urushi Yaotome, but that simply didn’t happen.

Instead, these two enjoyed playing shogi together, and the romance wasn’t big enough to push the plot forward. The ending was hardly an end at all, it was just a stopping point where nothing really new happened. This shogi romance game will continue forever.

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