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10 Best Anime Psychics

Magical powers and supernatural abilities come in a great variety in works of fiction such as Japanese anime, comic books, and live-action television. One of the most mystical and fantastic magical powers is the field of psychic abilities, referring to any supernatural ability that stems from the user’s mind. Psychics can do almost anything with their brains, be it good or bad.

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However, there is no single type of psychics. Some psychics characters can use their talents to read or even control the minds of others, while other psychics can use their minds to move things through telekinesis. Other psychics might possess completely different powers, such as the ability to release bursts of psychic energy with their concentrated mental strength.

10/10 Anya Forge can read minds

The tenth spy family

Mind reading is the classic psychic power almost everyone knows about, and little Anya Forger is a talented mind reader who can even read an animal’s mind, not to mention the mind of a fellow human being. Sometimes Anya’s spiritual powers feel like a burden, but she also wishes to follow in the footsteps of her adoptive father and become a great spy hero with those powers.

Anya often reads minds to cheat on tests or cheer up those around her. Anya also reads thoughts to save the situation, for example when she reads a terrorist’s mind to learn the location of a sneaky bomb trap and timely warn Loid about it.

9/10 Manalai has a telepathic freak

My hero academy

There are surprisingly few psychological characters in My hero academy, given how everyone has supernatural powers, but the world of psychics has quite a few representatives here. One such example is Hitoshi Shinso with his Quirk book of brainwashing, and an even better example is Mandalay.

Mandalay is a member of the Wild, Wild Pussycats, and can use the Telepath Quirk to send psychic messages to one or more people within her range. They often do this to quickly coordinate evacuation efforts and warn groups of people of impending danger.

8/10 Zanpakuto from Sosuke Aizen has Psychic Traits


There are no psychic kiddo spells in the world whiteningAnd Hollows don’t read minds either. But Captain Sosuke Aizen, being a skilled planner, is an exception. He uses a zanpakuto named Kyoka Suigetsu, which can perform what he calls “perfect hypnosis” on one or more targets at a time.

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Shikai Aizen can psychologically affect the five senses of purpose, and the effects can last for years on end as well. With this amazing spiritual skill, Aizen could trick his enemies into battle or even trick them into attacking each other, such as when Toshiro accidentally sabotaged Momo.

7/10 Shigeo Kageyama is a talented psychic

Mob Psycho 100

The humble boy Shigeo Kageyama, also known as Mob, wants to live an ordinary life without monsters, chaos or magic. But he doesn’t have much choice in the matter. Trouble finding him continues, so Shigeo does his best to exorcise spirits and curses with his new boss, Reigen.

Mob is a very powerful psychic who can fight and destroy any curse or spirit he comes across, even before he reaches 100%. If Mob goes to Plus Ultra in his 100% form, his spirit powers can level the entire scene and win any battle.

6/10 Mavis Vermillion has psychic techniques

fairy tale story

The founder of the Fairy Tail Guild, the brilliant Mavis Vermillion, is a master of mind magic and strategy. First, she starved to read every book found in the library of her home island, then explored the large and vast world with her illusion-based magic at her disposal. This is how the Blue Skull Wizard’s Guild fought and won.

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Creating illusions is just the beginning. Even after being preserved within a crystal, Mavis was able to use her psychic magic to project her soul elsewhere and connect with people near and far. This is how Mavis coordinated the Fairy Tail during the Grand Magic Games.

5/10 Sabrina is training a psychic Pokemon for a reason


Many gym leaders in Pokemon Globalism Have an odd character, hobby, or outfit that matches the theme of their Pokémon team, and Sabrina takes it to the next level. This kuudere girl doesn’t just train psychic-type Pokemon; She has psychic powers herself.

Sabrina awakened these powers in her youth, and today, she talks remotely with Pokémon and can even move her balls using telekinesis. In person, Sabrina tends to act cold, aloof, and almost robotic, but Haunter’s goofy antics finally convinced Sabrina to show her warmer side and laugh out loud.

4/10 Neji Springfield has telepathic abilities

Mahou Sensei Negima!

Young wizard Negi Springfield can cast an amazing variety of spells and use various magical items, so he is not a specialized psychic, unlike characters like Sabrina or Mandalay. Neji still knows the value of telepathy, and has used it for both serious and comedic purposes.

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Early on, Negi touches Takamichi’s forehead to read his thoughts and decide what he really thinks about Asuna, his fan. Also, Negi can use pactio cards to talk remotely with everyone he contracted with, which is very useful.

3/10 Saki Hanajima has scary psychic gifts

fruit basket

There is a good reason why Toru’s girlfriend, Saki Hanajima, wants to dress in black and act mysteriously. In her childhood, Saki awakened her psychic abilities, allowing her to sense the electromagnetic waves of others. Soon, things got worse, and Saki was feared to be a dangerous witch.

Saki is now more confident in who and what she is and even has some fun with her. She can intimidate anyone who annoys or threatens Toru at school, for example, and she may also read and comment on Q-wave electromagnetic waves.

2/10 Tatsumaki is a strong company in the field of telekinesis

one man punch

Surprisingly few heroes in the world one man punch In fact, she possesses supernatural powers, so Tatsumaki, or Tornado of Terror, stands out even more thanks to her immense spiritual gifts. Instead of telepathically reading minds, Tatsumaki focuses on the kinesthetic side of things.

Tatsumaki can easily lift and throw any item with her mind, she just needs to do a few hand gestures to coordinate her powers more precisely. She can also fly with these powers at great speed, crushing any monster into oblivion. No wonder Tatsumaki is the highly respected No. 2 hero in the Heroes Association.

1/10 Ino Yamanaka can mess with people’s minds


Strictly speaking, basic genjutsu is a close analogue of psychological delusions, manipulating the flow of the target chakra in their brain to make them see, hear and feel things that are not there. However, blonde Ino Yamanaka and her family members can push this pseudo-psychological talent to the next level.

Ino can implement her clan’s hidden technique, the Mind Transfer Technique, to control the target’s mind and will. Inoue and her father Inuichi can also read minds, which is depicted as either a character floating in front of the other person’s enlarged brain.

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