10 Manga To Read If You Like Chainsaw Man

10 manga to read if you like a chainsaw man

chainsaw man It is one of the most anticipated anime series of 2022. The second part of the manga was released recently, so chainsaw man Fans absolutely thrive on bombarding the content they receive lately.

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While the new fans are waiting chainsaw man Chapters that will be released every week between new anime episodes, they might want some great manga to keep them busy amidst it all. chainsaw man It’s a shonen series packed with action and dark fantasy with one of the most unique bands the genre has seen in a while.

10/10 Dorohedoro injects hilarious humor into another world drenched in blood


o hyashida Dorohedoro It is a masterpiece of bravery. Dorohedoro It stars Caiman, a man suffering from amnesia whose appearance has been distorted beyond recognition by a Magic user, leaving him with a creepy head.

Caiman goes on a journey to recover his memories and restore his old appearance. Dorohedoro It may have a little premise, but the story is just a good time. It’s an all out blood fest, but he still remembers throwing the occasional joke to humanize his team a bit.

9/10 Uzumaki Junji Ito is an eternal horror manga


Junji Ito is a legendary horror mangaka, whose works prey on people’s deep-rooted fears. Uzumaki It is one of his most legendary works. Uzumaki It tells the story of a town haunted by a curse that revolves around spirals. Ironically, the curse is causing citizens’ lives to spiral out of control.

Uzumaki It is a metaphysical adventure that every horror manga fan should read at least once. It is not full of blood and guts like other horror series. but, Uzumaki Psychological terror puts it a step further than the rest.

8/10 Fire Punch is another masterpiece of Tatsuki Fujimoto

fire punch

Tatsuki Fujimoto got gold when he wrote chainsaw man And the fire punch It is another of his works. Likes chainsaw manAnd the fire punch It is a mysterious fantasy. However, the latter has an intentionally confusing twist that wouldn’t make sense in any other series, but Fujimoto does it well, proving that he can build a compelling narrative from even the most disconnected of events.

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fire punch It follows Agni and Luna, two brothers who have taken a completely different path. An ice witch cursed the world forever from snow, so many residents pray for fire. Agni and Luna have special abilities. They attack him and Luna dies, leaving Agni to take revenge on her in the aftermath.

7/10 Dandadan is a supernatural romantic comedy


dandan It is a continuous shounen manga Shounen Jump +. The series follows Momo Ayase, who believes that ghosts exist, but strongly denies the existence of extraterrestrials. Takakura, on the other hand, believes the opposite – that ghosts do not exist, but aliens certainly do.

Momo and Takakura decided to find out whose theory was correct when they wandered around visiting sites known for extraterrestrial and paranormal sights. As it turns out, aliens and ghosts are both real in the world dandan. dandan This is a fast-paced, thrilling, romantic comedy perfect for reading around Halloween.

6/10 Deadman Wonderland is an exciting death game series

Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland It is a blood-soaked masterpiece with a quirky science fiction element that immerses readers in its gritty world. Ganta and his class went on a field trip to a prison with an amusement park. However, it is not necessarily the best place to take the kids for a day outside because it is a place where dangerous criminals perform risky tricks like some kind of circus.

It gets worse after Ganta’s class is killed, and he’s framed for it. After that, Ganta is forced to learn how to survive in the death game. If he loses, the collar around his neck will kill him before he gets a chance to prove his innocence.

5/10 Jujutsu Kaisen is the modern classic Shonen series

Jujutsu Kisen

Jujutsu Kisen And the chainsaw man They are often lauded as leaders of modern shounen with their fan bases often overlapping. Both series have reinvented the wheel of the genre by offering tried-and-true metaphors from a different lens and ensuring that the game’s protagonists are realistic.

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Jujutsu Kisen Yuji follows after he swallows a cursed finger and the top officials reward him with the death penalty. He begins practicing magical magic to gain some time and keep the King of Curses he currently possesses in check while searching for the rest of the fingers.

4/10 Undead Unluck is a comedy about two people who find themselves in abnormally awful situations

Undead Unluck

Fuku Izumo can’t stop killing people with her power. Andy is 200 years old and is an undead man who just really wants to die. The red threads of fate hold them together, and she finally presents Fuuko with someone she can actually help with her ability and Andy with someone who can finally bring him out of his misery.

Undead Unluck is a chaotically dark comic manga about the dynamic duo of Fuuko and Andy. Despite their harrowing situations, readers can’t help but laugh at their various adventures as they browse through each chapter.

3/10 Kaiju No. 8 has a lovable and unconventional protagonist

Kaiju No. 8

chainsaw man Denji is unlike other shounen heroes because of his simple goal of becoming a demon hunter. However, fans liked Denji for it, which made him more relatable than other shounen agents. Kafka from Kaiju No. 8 He is another funky, equally lovable hero.

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Unlike most shounen threads, Kafka is a mature man in his mid-30s who has decided it’s never too late to pursue his dreams of joining the Defense Force and fighting the Kaiju. Unfortunately, Kafka suddenly turns into a kaiju, which makes things even more complicated for him as he tries to uncover the truth about his new condition while not compromising his shot to the power of the defense.

2/10 Noragami is a comedy in the God-Tier Shonen . category


Noragami It follows Yato, an insignificant deity who desperately seeks to gain relevance by acting as a “delivery god” and providing services to people. One day, he saved Hiyori from being hit by a car. Unfortunately, this separated her soul from her body, and she could leave whenever she wanted. With Yato, Hiyori participates in his various adventures to repair her body.

As the series progresses, more information about Yato’s past emerges, and viewers can’t help but search for him. As the former calamity deity, Yato had earned himself an unfavorable reputation among other deities, even though many of them had done far worse than him.

1/10 Heaven Hell is the next Shonen Smash-Hit

Hell’s Paradise

Hell’s Paradise She should be receiving her anime adaptation soon. Since the manga is over, there is no better time to pick it up and start reading. Likes chainsaw manAnd the Hell’s Paradise It is a violent dark fantasy series. Yuji Kaku’s great art style attracts the reader and makes it impossible for someone to put the manga aside because his work is too immersive.

Hell’s Paradise Jabemaru follows Hollow after he gets his death sentence. However, it is impossible to kill him. Gabimaru believes that his love for his wife conquers all and gives him the extra strength he needs to survive. Sagiri, the executioner, gives Jabimaru a second chance by going on a trip to Shinseku to find the elixir of life. If he succeeds, Gabimaru’s crimes will be pardoned.

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