10 One Piece Characters Who Would Like To Love More Than Fear

in pieceThere are many practical advantages to fear. For pirates, it guarantees a higher reputation, which attracts potential crewmates and allies. For Marines, this can only protect the site due to rumors that may or may not exist.

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However, there are dozens of characters who would rather be loved than hated. They understand the value of charisma and make it their mission to spread their generosity around the world. By getting to know them, it becomes easier to appreciate the rewards of their actions and why kindness is their greatest strength.

10/10 Sly cares more than he allows

Despite being an antagonist, Foxy is remarkably obsessed with being liked by others. The whole point of Davy Back Games is to increase the size of his crew, which means there are more people to appreciate his “greatness.” Foxy also becomes deeply upset when his image is insulted.

This indicates that he cares deeply about the way others perceive him even if they are actively competing against him in a competition. Sly may not be the most threatening, although his desire for recognition is evident.

9/10 Roger begins the next era of pirates

Although technically a pirate, Gol de Roger was a lot closer to a naval hero. He never attacked innocents when sailing on the high seas, only clashing with rival pirates like Whitebeard who readily accepted his challenge.

As the first person to find Laugh Tale, Roger immediately established himself as an icon for explorers everywhere. When he died, no one doubted One Piece’s legitimacy and immediately set sail to find his treasure. Without you being trusted, the next Age of Pirates would not have happened.

8/10 Luffy has friends everywhere

Luffy may be far from the most intelligent and efficient leader, although his indomitable spirit speaks for itself. During his adventures across the Grand Line, he won allies from the highest peaks of Skypiea to the lowest course of Fish-Man Island.

Over time, Luffy created such a legacy that even members of the World Government began to respect it. The only people who actively “fear” him are those who seek to eliminate him, such as the unreasonably evil Bounty Hunters and Marines.

7/10 Iceburg is a respected mayor

As the adopted son of shipbuilding legend Tom, Iceburg honors his legacy well. In addition to being the mayor of Water 7, he is also the president of Galley-La. Under normal circumstances, Iceburg’s complete monopoly on the region would cause the average person to worry.

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However, people trusted him so much that they attacked both the Straw Hat Pirates and CP9 members when they felt their leader was in danger. Iceburg’s allegiance orders are a direct result of his thriving leadership over the years and speak to how efficiently he ran the city.

6/10 Oden’s followers almost worshiped him

Odin was a role model for the Wano people. They were performing feats of superhuman strength on a regular basis, and soon they relied on him as their sole protector. Oden’s actions even garnered a loyal following who became known as the Scabbards.

Unfortunately, Oden’s reputation was damaged when Orochi forced him to dance outside the palace like an idiot for five years. However, Shinobu helped save him by revealing the truth about their arrangement while Kaido executed him. The people of Wano cried as Odin died.

5/10 Cobra was the ruler of Alabasta

Nefertari Cobra was the ruler of Alabasta and the father of Princess Fifi. Although he tried to maintain order in his country, he had no idea why the majority of the water had dried up. By the time Baroque Works’ involvement became apparent, he was already entrenched in a civil war to properly deal with.

This problem was exacerbated when Bon Clay impersonated him and attacked civilians. However, Cobra never stopped working for peace either by reuniting his country or by reluctantly attending the World Government’s camp.

4/10 Ivankov adores the people of the kingdom of Kamapka

Ivankov is the leader of the Kamabaca kingdom and is a general with the rank of general in the Revolutionary Army. After establishing an underground safe house at Emble Down Breaks, their impact on the prisoners was evident.

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In general, Ivankov prefers that others not fear him, but rather that he will guide them to embrace their true identities. However, they were still a formidable force to be reckoned with if they were surpassed, as evidenced by their ability to fend off Warden Magellan on their own. As a political figurehead on two fronts, Ivankov understands that it is in their best interest to be liked.

3/10 Crocodile disguised as Alabasta champion

Unlike the other villains, Crocodile was extremely meticulous when destabilizing the Alabasta kingdom. Like a cobra, he understands the value of love and has defended the area from pirate invasion on multiple occasions.

However, Crocodile only views the affection he has received as a means to an end. As long as people trusted him, they would be less inclined to question his reasons for staying in the desert land. In fact, Crocodile sought a superweapon that would make him nearly unbeatable.

2/10 Baby Five is constantly made for approval

Baby Five has constantly made her desire to be lovable. Whether she asked for Doflamingo’s favor or misinterpreted Sai’s threats as compliments, she wanted to be helpful and receptive more than anything else. Fife’s desire for validation was a direct result of her neglected childhood.

However, it has come in its favour since the Straw Hat Great Fleet defeated Doflamingo’s forces at the Battle of Dressrosa. If five of their positions don’t change at the last minute, she will likely get lost in Impel Down along with her employer.

1/10 Whitebeard only wants a family to take care of

Whitebeard’s motives were unlike any other emperor in the series. Instead of trying to find Laugh Tale or fight in battles, he merely sought to use his power to establish and expand his family. Eventually, entire regions like Fishman Island came to rely on him as their sole guardian.

Over the years, Whitebeard treated his sons with restraint and compassion. For example, he ignored Ace’s attempts to attack him in the middle of the night. He was similarly forgiving when Sward bumped him at the Battle of Marineford, stating that he was just an idiot and not a vicious traitor.

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