Yeti cool brothers and bluejam

10 One Piece Villains Soon Forgotten

bad guys piece They are often the highlight of each bow. Whether emperors be war advocates or complicit agents, there has been no shortage of crooks amid Luffy’s adventures to become the pirate king. However, a few opponents were forgotten so quickly that it seems as if they never even existed in the first place.

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Unlike recurring villains like Crocodile or Buggy, these crooks have disappeared since their debut and have since been ignored by fans. As the series enters the final saga, it is questionable whether these abandoned foes are worth remembering.

10/10 Fukurou is the most hateful CP9 proxy

Fukurou was an exclusive CP9 agent for the Enies lobby bracket. Aside from his puffy, funny character design and annoying laughter, he didn’t have anything that set him apart from other customers.

Practically every other villain under Spandam’s recruitment was more interesting than Fukurou, whether using animal transformations or assorted powers, such as the Blueno Door-Door Fruit. Fortunately, Fukurou was not seen alongside CP0, which means he may have been out of the story forever.

9/10 Chew was the only unknown member left in the Arlong crew

The Arlong Pirates are surprisingly well embodied despite being the villains of East Blue. Hachi had an excellent opportunity to shine in the Sabaody Archipelago, and Arlong’s legacy is well covered during the Fish-Man Island arc. Kurobi even used fishman karate before Jimbei himself.

This left only Chew, the opponent Usopp encountered on the outskirts of Arlong Park. Virtually nothing is known about his backstory other than his previous loyalty to the Sun Pirates. Unfortunately, there has been no news of him since his first defeat, and it is not clear if he escaped from Impel Down along with the other prisoners.

8/10 Magellan quickly became obsolete after being pushed down

Warden Magellan was a great opponent for the Impel Down arc. Indomitable and menacing, a single dose of his poison proved nearly fatal to Luffy. Without Ivankov’s hormones, he could reasonably have killed him.

However, Magellan has rarely been mentioned by the World Government or even other pirates since his major defeat inside the prison itself. Since he took on his role as Luffy’s jailer, he has been pretty much forgotten by everyone. With any luck, Magellan might return cinematically if Impel Dawn is attacked again.

7/10 The wonderful Yeti brothers were the deceitful Henchmen Caesar Clown

The Yeti Cool Brothers were perhaps the most forgotten antagonists in the entire New World saga. In addition to the lack of Devil Fruits or Haki, they did not have any personality or connection to the Punk Hazard arc.

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Instead, the Cool Brothers’ primary role was to make puns about their names before the Straw Hat Pirates defeated them. Given that Caesar had significantly stronger followers like Vergo and Monet, they weren’t even a huge threat within Punk Hazard himself. Regardless, they likely died when SMILE gas covered the entire island.

6/10 Kuro has not recovered from the brew village

Captain Kuro was the main antagonist of the Syrup Village arc. Unlike the other villains from the East Blue saga, he hardly had any connection to the Straw Hats and never reappeared in any substantial way after he was originally defeated.

Although he is perfectly able to come back to finish Kaya, neither she nor Usopp are concerned about his possible return. Now that Jango has joined the Marines, it’s entirely possible that his crew has broken up, making him weaker and harder to come back than before.

5/10 Doublefinger was supposed to be one of the best crocodile agents

As a direct assistant to Mr. One, Doublefinger’s incredible power is included. Herb thorns can easily pierce enemy flesh and bones, which can be even more lethal if enhanced with Armament Haki.

Despite her potential and spectacular fight against Nami, Doublefinger is one of the few Baroque Works agents to have been completely neglected since the Alabasta arc. Given her rank within the organization before her fall, it’s surprising that Crocodile doesn’t think enough to invite her to the Cross Guild.

4/10 Bluejam made Luffy’s childhood a nightmare

Bluejam excelled in its simplicity. He personified everything like a typical pirate, dishonest and cruel. Although his appearance in the series was rather short, he tested the bonds Luffy formed with Ace and Sabo.

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For example, he tortured Portchemy Luffy in the hopes of revealing the whereabouts of the treasure and worked with the World Government to wipe out the slum outside the city. Given that Bluejam’s fate had not actually been revealed, it was entirely possible that he would return one day, even if he wasn’t capable of causing much damage.

3/10 Brownbeard transformed from an opponent into a reluctant partner

Initially, Brownbeard was one of Caesar Clown’s most accomplished followers. After being tested by the evil scientist, his lower half turned into a giant lizard half. Once the Straw Hat Pirates were defeated, the Brownbeard became their reluctant means of transportation.

When he learned how extensive the clown’s betrayal really was, he fought alongside Luffy more willingly than before. Regardless, he hasn’t been seen since Punk Hazard, which makes it hard to know if he’s continued hacking and if he’ll be back.

2/10 Don Craig is a loose end that has never been tied down

By all accounts, Don Craig should not be forgotten. A merciless disgrace, he terrorized the Grand Line and soon became famous for his deceitful tactics. However, neither Craig nor any of his followers have been heard from since their crushing defeat at Paraty.

This was especially frustrating for fans who wanted to be reunited with Jin. If Craig’s pirates stayed out of the story, it was possible that the Djinn had been executed for betraying his crew in the name of personal honor.

1/10 Hody Jones unable to make a return

Despite being a racist racist who rallied over a hundred thousand fish men in violence, Hody Jones was quickly forgotten. There were several reasons for his omission, most notably the effect of energy stimulants on his body.

In addition, the Big Mom pirates threatened Fishman Island so quickly after his defeat that even King Neptune did not have time to host a proper celebration. As a result, Jones and the damage he caused were left to rot, gone into nothingness in the deepest depths of the royal palace.

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