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10 things from the My Hero Academia manga we’d be glad we never adapted

My hero academy He does an excellent job adapting the story from the original manga. A moment or two might be missing, but it doesn’t change the overall story and if fans really want to see what little they’ve missed, it’s easy to pick up the manga and read it.

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However, not everything that has changed from the manga is worth watching. In some cases, the anime has made changes for the better, especially in terms of character design. While it’s great that the anime has adapted everything from manga stuff, many fans have grown to like the subtle changes and are happy that they were left out of the anime.

10/10 Tokoyami is better with feathers than hair

Tokoyami’s main Quirk may be the shadow creature he grows from, but he also has a minor Quirk component, which gives him the head of a bird. Based on his appearance, most fans assume that Tokoyami has feathers growing from his head. According to the manga, this is not actually the case.

In the manga, the black threads that grow all over Tokuyami’s head and face are bristles, not feathers. For most fans, this is a very disturbing revelation that often leads fans to wonder how this works in real life. Fortunately for fans who are experiencing an existential crisis because of this, this tale is being left out of the anime, so fans can pretend that Tokoyami has a more reasonable look.

9/10 Ida’s eyes are blue better than red

One of the things that fans love about this series is how well the characters are designed. The Quirks are incredibly unique, and each character has a color palette that matches them perfectly. It is difficult to imagine a character like Iida, for example, who does not have blue eyes and blue hair, but his color palette is slightly different in the manga.

Originally, Ida had red eyes. It’s unclear why the change was made, but it was the right move for his character. With all the other characters who also have red eyes, Iida would look less unique. Not to mention that fans have gotten so used to his look that it would be strange if the series tried to adapt its original manga design.

8/10 Uraraka family circumstances are better in anime

It is mentioned in the first season that Uraraka comes from a low-income family. She wants to become a champion for the high pay, but that’s only because she is determined to give her parents a comfortable life. Anime often alludes to the fact that she doesn’t have money, including the fact that she has an old flip phone instead of a smartphone.

The manga makes several other references to Uraraka’s home life including a painting that states that she is starving herself to save money. Although this is supposed to be tongue in cheek, it’s not a good idea for kids who watch this series to see their favorite character starving. It’s not appropriate for the anime, so it’s a good thing that it was left out.

7/10 My Evil Academia is better as a short anime arc than a long manga arc

Fans love the My Villain Academia arc from Season 5, but that wasn’t the case for fans of the manga. The anime arc spanned several episodes. However, the manga had dozens of chapters. For those who wanted to know what Midoriya and the rest of 1-A were doing, they felt that this bow was long and boring.

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It would probably take an entire season to fully adapt this arc if nothing was cut, which fans didn’t want. A short and concise arc has been created for a more interesting story. Plus, characters like Himiko Toga have been able to get the character development they deserve, so adapting the manga wasn’t necessary.

6/10 It was better to leave the Manga Gore than to include it in the anime

Tomura Shigaraki’s backstory is painful and disturbing. For most people, it’s nice that Quirk finally developed, but for Shigaraki, it only led to tragedy. For many fans, the anime’s portrayal of these events is hard to absorb, but the manga is even more gruesome.

A lot of the manga has been censored, which is surprising considering how bloody this scene is in the anime. However, the manga has a lot of blood in it, which can be repulsive to many fans. It sure was smart of the studio to hold back when it came to creating this scene. Just knowing what Shigaraki did was enough for most fans.

5/10 The character designs are better in the anime than the manga

My hero academy He has an incredibly distinctive artistic style. Most fans can recognize him even by fan-made pieces of art, which shows how creative he is. Like any artist, it took a lot of trial and error for the Horikoshi mangaka to come up with his character designs.

This is especially true for characters like Shigaraki, whose original design is downright disturbing. According to a manga expert, Shigaraki was originally designed to have black holes in place of its eyes and mouth. For fans who have fallen in love with its current design, it’s a relief that the original designs didn’t become part of the anime.

4/10 Season 5 is better after re-arranging the events of the manga

My Shirre Academy isn’t the only part of Season 5 that has been changed. Each arc has been rearranged upon adaptation of the original story, creating a much more enjoyable viewing experience for fans of the series.

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The manga rearrangement also makes more sense for the training arc and winter internships to re-emerge since Winter Drills formed the villain’s arc. Season 5 of the anime is probably one of the few times the anime has done a better job than the manga.

3/10 Aizawa is better with eyes that glow in red instead of gold

Iida isn’t the only one whose character design has been modified for the anime. Most fans are familiar with the fact that Aizawa’s eyes glow red when he uses his Quirk. However, in the original manga, his eyes glow with gold.

It’s not a change that should be that significant, but the red does a really nice job of creating a totally missing intimidation factor with the golden coloration. For those who have come to love Aizawa and Quirk, the original design is best never adapted.

2/10 My Hero Academia is better to give up spoilers than Vigilance

Those who don’t read manga may not realize the truth of it My hero academy It has many pop-up stories, including guards. The story features the main characters from the original series but mostly, guards She stands alone as her own manga, which is something fans prefer.

It will not be limited to My hero academy The anime gets bloated if it tries to include aspects of an episodic series but those who have never read the series will get confused if guards It was mentioned randomly. Not to mention there are a lot of fans who still want to read guards And the original series prefers not to spoil it.

1/10 Bakugou is better without the potty mouth of his version of the manga

Bakugo loves to turn his mouth, but anime fans will only be surprised to learn that Bakugo has quite a potty mouth. His fiery and boisterous nature easily lends itself to speaking in a vulgar and disrespectful manner.

In a way, it makes sense that his character would be so cliched. However, for some fans, it is a distraction from the story being told. Some fans may bemoan the fact that Bakugou is censored in the anime, but most fans would agree that Bakugou doesn’t need vulgar language to be a great character.

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