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10 Things Manga Readers Are Happy To See In Spy x Family Part 2

The new season of Spy family x It will incorporate some of the most awaited moments from the manga, and readers are very excited to see it all in the animation. Whether it’s seeing Yuri learn how to cook for her family or watching Yuri meet his niece for the first time, there are plenty of scenes that will feel like a breath of fresh air.

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To add even more to the fever, the season will also include a lot of new characters in the story, and it’s safe to say that each of them will be just as fun as they come. Manga readers are looking forward to a lot in the new season.

10/10 She will try to fix her deadly cooking skills

Although Yor has never struggled with sending thugs flying with just one kick, she’s had her fair share of struggles when it comes to cooking. So, this season in Spy family xViewers will finally get to peek at Yor repairing her killer culinary skills while taking cooking lessons from her friend Camilla.

Her brother, Yuri, will also help her in the midst of her suffering with his excellent tasting and vomiting skills while she perfects her dishes, which will truly be a sight to behold for anime viewers and manga readers alike. Yor’s Magic Points are sure to increase.

9/10 Nightfall will attempt to remove Yor from the Strix process

The relationship between two people is magnified when faced with an external threat. Spy family x She has foolproof plans to test this theory by introducing Fiona Frost to the happy lives of Yor and Lloyd. Fiona is an agent from WISE who goes by the alias Nightfall. To add even more to her act, she is Lloyd’s ex-apprentice and loves him very much.

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Apparently, Fiona was not available at the crucial moment when Lloyd was looking for a pretend wife for Operation Strix. Although things went well when Yur entered the picture, she regrets the missed opportunity for her and strives to remove Yor from the equation.

8/10 Anya will adopt a very cute dog

Although the Forger family was already considered undoubtedly cute, with a spy for the father, a killer for the mother, and a risky for a daughter, the addition of a cute dog with an uncanny ability to see the future is exactly what we needed to make ends meet. . It’s just like Anya to bring a dog into the mix.

To add even more bliss, Anya will name this new and better member of the Forger Bond family, after her favorite cartoon character. Anya and Bond will get the chance to go on all kinds of fun animated adventures together.

7/10 Anya will help Damian with an art project

It has been clearly visible from the beginning Spy family x That every moment Anya and Damian share on screen becomes undoubtedly captivating, and this season will be no different. Their initially hostile and growing relationship allows for all kinds of fun.

The pair will cross first through a very cool art project activity, and Anya will continue her mission to befriend the sy-on boy to help her father in his mission. She will go above and beyond to help Damien with his project, not care about hers, and definitely get some Friendship Points for him.

6/10 Lloyd will help Frankie in the romance department

This season in Spy family xViewers will see the romantic and somewhat shy side of Frankie as he prepares to ask a girl. However, the main attraction will not be mustering his courage to continue. It would be Lloyd’s unique way of helping him do that.

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From creating strange communication schemes to dressing up the girl his curly-haired friend imagines, Lloyd will do everything in his power to help Frankie in his crisis. Working as an expert in dating advice will be a sight to behold.

5/10 Twilight will meet dawn

Spy family x You’ll be introducing an all-new spy on the block this season, Daybreak. Furthermore, Twilight will meet with him on a top-secret mission where Operation Strix is ​​stuck in the balance: reviewing Anya’s midterm papers to ensure she won’t fail on any subject.

While Twilight will try to fend off Anya from getting the Tonitrus Bolts, Daybreak will be on a mission to make sure Damian gets as many Tonitrus Bolts as possible. The event that these two spies crossed paths would explain many of the hilarious gags.

4/10 Anya will save Damian from George

This season in Spy family xAnya will rescue Damian from her classmate George, who has ambitions to make Damian pay for his father’s sins, and goes so far as to send a spy to change his half papers while blaming him for random things. However, in the end, the whole case will turn out to be a huge misunderstanding as Donovan Desmond’s innocence will be proven.

But in any case, Anya offering a guarantee to Damian while he gets caught with a cigarette butt would be a very useful sight for manga readers and anime viewers alike to witness. Moreover, it would constitute a crucial event that would bring them together.

3/10 Anya will prevent a large-scale bomb explosion

latest season Spy family x You’ll see Anya help Lloyd with a very prominent task. She will help him prevent a large-scale bomb explosion by writing an important message on the door that led to the explosion using her ketchup scribbling skills.

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Thanks to Starlight Anya, many citizens’ lives will be saved along with her father and the main target of the terrorists, Westalis Brantz Foreign Minister. Anya’s actions are always fun for fans.

2/10 Yuri Anya will study for her half term

Spy family x She will introduce a new teacher to Anya to help her pass her midterm exams, and none other than her sweet uncle Yuri. The event is also their first meeting, which makes it even more exciting and exceptionally awaited in the eyes of the readers.

However, since Yuri realizes that Anya is only Lloyd’s daughter, he will not be pumped to fulfill his sister’s request to teach Little Danger as one might think. But dismissing Anya will not be so easy, even for this talented SSS agent.

1/10 Anya will investigate the virtual Lloyd function of a project

A new assignment in Anya’s social studies class will require that she write a report on a job that interests her, and the events that will follow will likely, as a result, be the best of the season. Spy family x He has to display. She’ll first try to interview Yor about her job, but she’ll be terrified in an instant.

Next, she’ll seek Lloyd’s help in the matter, but in her quest to write about his fictional career in the Department of Psychiatry, she will in turn find a hidden passageway that serves as an escape route to his actual job. Every circumstance that follows her after that will get more and more brutal by the second.

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