A student of My Hero Academia holds the secret to ending Shigaraki

Final battle My hero academy He is hindered by the strange and wonderful powers of Tomura Shigaraki, whose growth and regenerative abilities continue even while his dodges are canceled by Erasure. While Shigaraki insists that what happens to his body is not the result of a culprit, a UA student proves it can be good.

quirks in My hero academy They come in three main types: emitter quirks, transformative quirks, and heterogeneous quirks (or less politely, “mutant”). While the first two categories are self-explanatory, heterochromatic quirks are those abilities that permanently change a person’s appearance outside of the human base. Characters like Mina and Mineta with major differences obviously qualify, but this also includes those with more minor aberrations like Tsuyu’s quilted fingers or Jiro’s ears. within My hero academia Grade 1-A, one of the students clearly heterogeneous is Mezo Shoji, a user of the unusual dodge Dupli-Arms.

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Dupli-Arms Shoji gives him six arm-like appendages, two of which end in the hands as usual, and the other four end in nubs. However, Shoji’s quirkiness allows him to make these appendages (which he calls tentacles) grow, and they can bud to basically any part of the body he already has. While these are a part of his body and injuring or even removing them is painful, Shoji is perfectly capable of regenerating any of these tentacles. For Shuji, this My hero academy The anomaly makes him excellent at intelligence gathering, as he can watch or listen to the enemy without exposing himself to much danger. And since his heteronormative identity permanently alters his body, he has the added side effect of being impossible to undo with quirks like Aizawa’s Erasure.

How Shoji’s Quirk holds the key to overcoming Shigaraki

Strange shoji can allow him to grow more hands, mouths, and ears, just like My hero academia Shigaraki has, in addition to a certain degree of healing factor. Shigaraki’s growth and regenerative power is unaffected even when all of its other quirks are erased – just as if it was a heteromorph. Shigaraki insisted that his growth is not something strange, but rather that his body is trying to find the perfect shape to channel the immense power of All for One. However, Shigaraki could easily be lying to the heroes, or just plain wrong. As an explanation of his current condition in My hero academy, heteromorphic weirdness is certainly possible. The flashback is shown back in Chapter 193 of All for One removing a man’s heterogeneous weirdness and giving it to a man who wasn’t quirky, so he’s been known to (and have) stolen them in the past. Looking at the Shoji’s abilities might discover a weakness that can be used against Shigaraki as well.

While it may be a bit too late to try and study Shoji’s body and dodge for answers on how to defeat Shigaraki, the similarities prove that nothing the villain said about himself should be considered true. However, it’s not too late for Deku to put these pieces together and change tactics. If My hero academyThe big showdown is to end in favor of the heroes, they will need every advantage they can get.

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