One Piece

Adventure in the land of science

The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1062, “An Adventure in the Land of Science.” By Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English from Viz Media.

piece He brings a new face to the series in the form of a young girl who claims to be Doctor Vejapunk. The Straw Hat Pirates arrive at Egghead, an island that is said to live 500 years into the future. It’s also where they met Jewelry Bonney, who was trapped inside a giant warm vortex. Unfortunately for the Straw Hat Pirates, Egghead does not welcome them warmly. The moment they save Bonnie, they are attacked by a giant metal shark. The shark chases after them, even causing a thousand sunny caps to overturn. Jimbei has to dive into the sea only to save his captain and the ship’s doctor, while Zoro and the others are left to take care of the rest of the crew.

Even after the lovable Straw Hats ship is demolished, the shark continues to attack them. But this time it’s even more deadly because it uses a cannon hidden in its mouth. Jimbei Luffy, Chopper, and Bonney take the shark away, while the mysterious robot also rescues the rest of the crew before they sink to the bottom of the sea. A giant robot brings Thousand Sunny and Straw Hat Pirates ashore, where a character claiming to be Doctor Vegapunk appears before them.

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Hearing the girl’s introduction, the straw hats on the ship show their surprise in the first few paintings of chapter 1062. Frankie especially expresses his happiness at meeting the famous doctor, showing how much he respects her inventions. Frankie even told her how he spent two years in her lab in Baldimore, as well as how excited he was to show her her creations. Meanwhile, Usopp and Brook are still staring at the giant robot in Marvel, and Sanji is overjoyed to discover that the famous doctor is a woman. However, Robin is quick to find something wrong with the situation.

She doesn’t remember hearing anything about Dr. Vejapunk being a woman. She also comments on the fact that her youthful appearance does not correspond to the doctor’s long history of activity. The young woman who claims to be Dr. Vijaponk do not deny Robin’s allegations. She explains that she is not Stella. This title seems to belong to the main body, which is, in fact, Punk-02. Then she reintroduced herself as Doctor Vijapunk Lilith, the evil one. Her main problem seemed to be her lack of research funding, so she asked the Straw Hats to hand over their valuables.

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Nami responds to the way the doctor works. She tells her to see her act of kindness to the end. However, Lilith denies saving them. She explains that the waters around Egghead are not normally accessible by ships. They were all flooded with sea monster weapons as soon as they arrived. While Frankie is still amazed by the adorable creations, Usopp, Brook, and Nami are already rocking in their shoes. Only then does Lilith get a call. Lilith refers to the person on the other side of the line as Shaka. Shaka teases Lilith about her looting habits, while also warning her of the danger she is unconsciously raising.

Shaka warns her not to offend the pirates, especially since they can easily take her out. Lilith realizes her mistake and takes care. Zoro seizes the opportunity to tell her her demands. Hearing the flow of their conversation, Punk-01, Shaka The Good, tells Lilith to bring them, as he himself is interested in the Straw Hat Pirates.

Moving on alongside Luffy and Bonnie, Bonnie admits that he has visited Egged in the past. According to her, Egghead is nothing more than an ordinary laboratory during her childhood years. The only reason for her to return to the future island is to get answers from Dr. Vejapunk. Supposedly, the famous doctor turned her father into a cyborg, as a result of which he lost his humanity and sense of self. It has just become a weapon. While Bonnie says so, the committee notes that her father is none other than former warlord Bartholomew Coma.

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Luffy’s group resurfaced after their brief conversation. What revives them is a city full of robots, flying objects, and even a space monster. Luffy can’t contain his excitement and immediately leaves to explore the place. But instead of exploding in the air, it shoots straight into the mouth of the space monster. In a strange turn of events, Luffy simply passed through the creature rather than swallowing it. The group soon forgets about the incident after seeing two giant parfaits on the street. But just as with the space monster, they simply passed through the parfait. Bonnie explains to Luffy and the others that everything should be holograms, holograms made of light.

As the group continues to explore the wonders of technology, Jimbei discovers something. The temperature at its current location is warmer than that of a sea breeze. Then another Doctor Vegapunk appears to explain the science behind it. This time, it’s a giant sheep-like creature. According to them, it is the island conditioner that they created that is responsible for maintaining the temperature at the desired level. Then they move on to ramble around the world’s lack of technology and budget. They got so angry that they punched the hologram using light pressure gloves. After their conversation, they finally introduced themselves as Punk-06, Atlas.

In the new world, CP0 talks about his next mission. Lucci asks Stussy and Kaku to fill it in. Kaku explains that Dr. Vegapunk is a genius through and through, to the point where there is no time for him to carry out all of his plans. As such, he divides himself into six different people. Egghead’s six satellites consist of Dr. Vegapunk, and CP0’s goal is to eliminate them all and return Kuma to Egghead.