Spy x Family art for Episode 4.

Anya from Spy x Family keeps other characters rooted for the better

Great comedy anime Spy family x He just returned in the fall 2022 anime season for more spying in the Cold War country of Ostenia. On some levels, this is a serious James Bond-style thriller with terrifying stakes as war looms between Ostania and Westalis, and in the middle of it all is the Forger family, the best found family in the anime.

On the one hand, Father Lloyd is a highly influential spy working for Westalis, while Mother Yur is a deadly assassin. Then there’s the daughter, the early Anya Forger, who has secret telepathic abilities and a hilarious habit of being the perfect chip for characters like Damian Desmond and Lloyd. It’s Anya who keeps everyone on the ground with her outrageous and goofy honesty Spy family x better for him.

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Anya Forger maintains the integrity of everyone in the Spy X family

Anya has some roles to play in Spy family x, including the secondary protagonist during her adventures at Eden Academy, where she was a student. Meanwhile, her best casual post It is to present a stark contrast to pretentious, taciturn, or jittery characters like descendant Damian Desmond or even her adoptive father Lloyd, “relieving” their tension with her unique idiosyncrasies. Anya is not just a cute and cheerful child who sees the world with new eyes; She is an honest kid who tends to describe everything and everyone with a refreshing rudeness and candor. In this way, she can dismantle any character’s illusions of grandeur or melodrama, tearing apart her stressful facade to show just how simple things really are. If Anya Forger had a motto, it would be “I keep things real.”

Anya says and does a lot in this regard, as in the school where she does not personally fit in with the sons and daughters of the elite in Ostanian society. Most of all, she is the one who pushes Damian’s buttons and reveals him to the petty but vulnerable little boy, tearing apart his arrogant and arrogant facade to keep him in check. Damian imagines himself as an Ostanian prince, only for Anya to keep him grounded and remind him that he, like her, is just a child trying to discover himself and the world around him.

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Children are children, regardless of their noble upbringing or the wealth and influence of their families, which is actually fine for a tense wave like Damien. Overwhelmed by the heavy expectations placed upon him, Anya’s honest and grounded attitude may help him realize that he is a young boy first and a descendant second. If he follows Anya’s example, Damian may find true happiness and re-evaluate himself with a more humble perspective.

Anya may have a similar effect on her adoptive father Lloyd and help him remember his roots as an ordinary, vulnerable boy who only needs love and acceptance. Lloyd tends to overthink things and make himself miserable, so Anya’s down-to-earth and fresh mindset might be just what he needs – even if he doesn’t realize it yet.

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How does Anya’s rooted attitude relate to the themes of the Spy X family.

In a way, it echoes Anya Forger’s humble and grounded worldview Spy family xgeneral topics. The threat of war is very real in this anime, as are the dangers of being a spy or an assassin in its tense Cold War. but on the other hand, Spy family x It does a lot to humanize both sides, with most of Ossetia’s oppressive citizens being completely normal, healthy, and close people.

They are husbands, wives, friends, children, hard-working people who honestly earn a living, a stark contrast to the messages found in Cold War propaganda. Apart from the actual terrorists, no ordinary citizen in either Westal or Ostenia is an evil and hateful “other” who wants to destroy another nation’s way of life. It was the military, political and terrorist leaders of both sides who created this conflict, who got lost in schemes, ambitions and cunning plans. They are the least people of all.

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Then, like her character Anya Forger, a story Spy family x All those pretentious, complex ideas and concepts pop like a balloon with some ground-breaking reality. Lloyd can see for himself that the Ostanians are just as normal and decent people as him, and this includes even the brutal SSS officer Yuri Briar, who takes care of his older sister. This is the most solid and honest side of Yuri’s personality, and in this sense, it is Anya Forge.

No matter how smart, successful, influential, or ambitious a person or group may be, they need their own Anya Forger—both external and internal—to bring them back to Earth. Everyone is human after all, and Anya is quick to remind everyone that basic desires, fears, and emotions make everyone equal on Earth. There is no place for deceit or arrogance there.