Best Anime Fights Chainsaw Man

Best Anime Fights Chainsaw Man

The first episode of chainsaw man It is an unmistakable success. Produced by MAPPA Studio and directed by Jujutsu Kisen Alum Ryo Nakayama, the 12-episode anime adaptation of the horror manga and the spin-off of Tatsuki Fujimoto, perfectly sets the tone for the series with its beautiful animation, fast pace, and extremely violent action.

The final quality is on full display in the climax of the series’ first episode, “Dog & Chainsaw.” In the premiere showdown, Denji turns into a human-demon hybrid saw-man in order to take on the show’s first major antagonist, the zombie demon.

This will be equal to the cycle. Based on the manga, the series is set in the 1997 alternate year, where humanity is preyed upon by a race of supernatural beings known as the Demons. The exact origin of demons is unknown, although what is known is that these monsters are manifestations of negative feelings and emotions shared across the collective human subconscious, similar to the phenomenon of “curses” in Jujutsu Kisen.

At the beginning of the episode, we see Dingi and his pet, Chainsaw Devil Dog Pochita, chase a tomato demon before briefly interrupting the fallout from the confrontation, with Dingi standing triumphantly atop the creature’s giant corpse awaiting orders from his yakuza boss. It wasn’t until the final third of the episode, after Denji was betrayed by Yakuza employers in exchange for a contract with the so-called promising zombie demon force, that we got to see Denji completely separated to rip and tear into action.

A man with an orange chainsaw sticking out of his head darts toward the head of a giant floating zombie's head.

Photo: MAPPA / Crunchyroll

After being pursued by a mob of zombies, Denji turns into his own chainsaw man First shaped – a bare-chested, yellow-eyed fighter with saw blades protruding from his forehead and arms like a Hellraiser Cenobite crisscrossing the aisle of Home Depot appliances. After a pause, Denji wasted no time jumping into action, bypassing the defensive line of the unmanned zombie crowd and propelling himself forward to pierce the demon’s skull with his chainsaw and arm blades.

There are as many noteworthy combat action sequences in the animation as water droplets in the ocean. From the work of Hiroyuki Okura and Mitsuo Issu on the incendiary shootout between Motoko Kusanagi and the Spider Tank in 1995 ghost in bowl Pretty much every action sequence in Cowboy Bebop And the My hero academy Yutaka Nakamura has ever gotten his hands on it, the common trait that almost every great anime fight has in common, if not nearly, is the trend of strong animators and skilled animators entrusted with the time, resources, and expressive freedom to give themselves away and truly put their own signature into a scene.

A man with an orange saw head and two arms jumps toward the head of a giant floating zombie surrounded by an armless chest and torso.

Photo: MAPPA / Crunchyroll

Director Ryo Nakamura, Animation Producer Keisuke Seishimo, and Action Director Tatsuya Yoshihara have assembled animators capable of bringing chainsaw man In life, most of them have worked previously Jujutsu Kisen And the Jujutsu Kisen 0 Or anime series and movies like one man punchAnd the firepowerAnd the Berserk: Golden Age Arc, and the Kizumonogatari movie trilogy. From start to finish, climax chainsaw manThe first episode of the episode is an exemplary feat of craftsmanship that is only achieved through robust production and meticulous planning that enables these artists and animators to do what they do best – make petty stimulants.

One of the highlights of the entire fight, which we can glimpse briefly in the series’ third trailer, is when Zombie Devil, in a fit of despondency in pain, catches a man with a chainsaw with one of his entrails claws across the room and crashes into the nearby concert support beam. It’s a great dynamic sequence made possible by skilled master animation combined with superb 3D camera mapping. The scene as a whole is stunning when seen in action, and hints at much more impressive sequences as it does in the rest of the season.