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Cha Eunwoo, Webtoon Island’s live adaptation, announces premiere date

Fans will be able to watch the fantasy exorcism sitcom starring Kim Nam Gil and Cha Eunwoo, this year.

Fantasy korean drama based on comic web Island, Starring Kim Nam Gil and ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo, it has finally announced its first month.

As Soompi mentioned, Island The premiere will take place in December. Drama Stars Kim Nam Gil, Lee Da Hee, Cha Eunwoo, and Sung Joon. Island It is an exorcism drama that follows a group of people stranded on Jeju Island. With demons threatening to destroy the world, the three main characters must figure out a way to fight and defeat evil. on top of the output Island He Bae Jung (Welcome to Dongmakgol And the fabricated city).

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Kim plays Pan, who is described as “a tragic character who faces evil in preparation for the apocalypse but who can’t be side by side with humans.” Lee’s character, Won Mi Ho, is sent to Jeju Island by her father to start a “self-reflection period”. Cha plays Priest John, who spends his life purifying evil but harbors a dark past. Sung Joon Goong Tan’s character was supposed to be Pan’s partner in defeating evil but ended up on opposite sides.

The island is part of an extended wonder-like world

Island It is part of a Marvel-like universe called “Super String”, YLAB’s IP, where characters from different YLAB works meet together in one world. Written by Yoon In Wan with Art Yang Kyung Il, Island It was originally written in 1997. Webcomic received a reboot in 2016, produced by YLAB, 19 years later. According to the webcomic, the first season will be a reboot of the 1997 webcomic, but the second season will include new original content.

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The first five chapters of Island Follow Mi Ho, who encounters a terrifying demon on the first day he sets foot on the island to work as a teacher. After a young man saves her, Mi Ho immediately makes a deal with him: because demons are targeting her, she will pay him 100 million won for each demon he slaughters. But if he runs out of money, she’ll be next on his kill list.

Kim’s acting career took off when he played the role of Bidam Queen SeondeokHe won many awards for his photography. Despite anti-LGBT sentiments from the Korean government, Kim played Song Jaemin in the queer movie no regret. Lee played Seo Doyeon in the 2013 drama I can hear your voice That launched her acting career. She later starred in rom-com The beauty of the interior. Cha’s popularity as an actor skyrocketed after he played the title role Gangnam beauty And the Real beauty. He is currently playing Duke Raffaello Kidrey in the web based teaser for The villain is a moving doll. Sung Joon is famous for starring in melodramas high society. ghost community It is his first movie after his discharge from the military.

Island There are currently five episodes on WEBTOON. The drama will be shown sometime in December and will be distributed by TVING.

Source: Soompi