Eleceed Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Release date: Kaiden the outcast, the top ten Andre escapes from the fight

Eleceed Chapter 215 begins after Andre The Top Ten follows Kayden. Kayden recently challenged Andre because he wanted to challenge himself by battling one of the ten strongest members. Everyone wonders if Kayden is digging his own grave, but Curtin lets Kayden do whatever he wants after realizing that Kayden loves to fight. Thus begins the intense battle between Kayden and Andre.

After Andre landed with a fatal blow, everyone thought that Kaiden would lose because no one survived Andres’ killer move. But Kayden surprises everyone because that fatal blow was nothing, and senior officials question Kayden’s body composition. However, Andrei realizes that the battle will take longer than expected, and that their huge blow can destroy the world, leading to someone’s death. He decides to withdraw.

Andrei tells Kayden that the battle is over. The senior officials were surprised to know that when someone fights Andre, the fight ends when the man surrenders or dies, but with Kaiden, the case is different. Kayden looks at Andre and reminds him of his goal as he runs. Kayden’s hands were covered with blue lightning bolts. Andre realizes that Kaiden is reckless and decides to stop this attack.

Kayden sends his attack on Andre, thinking he will roast Andre. But The Frame intervenes and tries to repel the attack. The Frame struggles to catch the bolt and begins to disappear with the attack. Kirten realizes that Kayden is taking this fight too far because Kayden hasn’t erased everything standing in his way.

Kayden gets angry because he destroyed The Frame instead of Andre and reminds Andre that he wants to fight him, not weak villains. Everyone watching the fight wonders if Kayden is crazy because he is so obsessed with fighting. One of the wonders that makes Kayden respect one of the top ten players in the world who voluntarily stops the match and wonders why Kayden wants to continue.

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As the battle continues, Andrea realizes that talking to Kayden is pointless, but he can use his hands to make Kayden hear his message. The Frame narrowly escaped this attack from Kayden and noticed that it was completely destroyed with a bloodied body. He admits that Kaiden is the Punisher, and whoever bullies Kaiden’s disciples will face the worst punishments of their lives.



Andre asks Kayden one last time if he wants to stop; If they persisted, he would regret changing forces beyond his imagination. He realizes that Kayden is one of those men who have the guts to challenge the Mighty God even though they don’t stand a chance. Kayden reveals that he will fight every member of the Top Ten in The Frame, and nothing will stop him.

Andre feels disrespected that for Kayden to achieve this goal, Andre either dies or is defeated during this battle. He lost interest in fighting Kaiden and used his super speed to leave the battlefield. Kaiden couldn’t believe that one of the top ten members had escaped from the battle. Seo Jiwwoo and the others are glad that the battle is over. They were surprised that Kayden didn’t sweat or feel scared after challenging Mighty Andre.

Kayden has proven that facing his worst nightmare is not a thing for him after one of his students is injured. However, The Frame paid the price for hurting the special one, Seo Jiwoon. And thus Kayden ended up versus the top ten Andre. The other realizes that Seo Jiwoo is the most important person in Kayden’s life, but there is a reason. Kayden talks with Soe Jiwoo about the injuries and his feelings, but Seo admits that his body can be tolerated.

Release date Chapter 215 Eleceed

Chapter 215 of Eleceed will be released on October 12, 2022. Kirten scolds Seo Jiwoo for taking a risk and that he needs quick treatment before his internal organs and heart explode. Kayden refuses to speak with the senior officials, who realize that the rumors are true and that the top ten members are afraid to fight Kayden. Check out Eleceed Chapter 215 details below.

Chapter 215

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You can read Chapter 215 of Eleceed online on the official websites. Kayden and Curtin went home and treated Seo Jiwoo for three days. After getting better, Seo Jiwoo plays with his cats. Seo Jiwoo’s recovery continues into the next chapter of Eleceed. Let’s meet after the release of Chapter 215 of Eleceed.

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