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Crunchyroll Fall 2022 Collection Details

Crunchyroll Fall 2022 collection details – from Chainsaw Man to My Hero Academia. Details and broadcast dates here.

Crunchy Roll
Crunchy Roll

Crunchyroll Fall 2022 Collection Details

Yesterday, October 6, Crunchyroll UK hosted a SUPERCHARGED event, giving invitees a host of previews of their Fall 2022 lineup, including many details about their biggest titles and even an early preview of an upcoming fan-favorite series.

For anime fans, Crunchyroll has become the place to satisfy all desires, each season is filled with new and exciting series to welcome new and old fans, and the fall 2022 season is highly charged with a variety of delightful stories from a variety of creators, studios and genres that will satisfy any kind of fan.

Anime isn’t “the place” anymore, more and more ordinary people are welcoming Japan’s amazing anime style and storytelling vibes into their lives, and thanks to Crunchyroll UK, we’ve got a ranking of the biggest titles fans can expect starting in October.

Chainsaw Crunchyroll رجل Man

chinsu man, october 11

Based on the bestselling manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto that comes to us from Studio MAPPA, with creators from Fate/Grand Order, Jujustu Kaisen, and other beloved movie series in the past few years; This violent series has long been awaited by fans of the popular manga. Set in a world where monsters known as demons are battling, the government has punished demon hunters for public safety and follows the story of Dungey: a poor young man after entering into a contract with a dog-like demon named Pochita, is given the power to transform parts of his body into saws.

Denji is eventually persuaded to join the ranks of demon hunters, unaware of the world of mischief he is about to enter.

For thrill junkies who enjoy their adrenaline-fueled, blood-drenched stories, the episode immediately commits to making clear how the series isn’t for the faint of heart.

Spy x Family Crunchyroll

SPY X FAMILY, it is streaming now

The fan-favorite spy comedy series continues this past spring’s season once again with a collaboration between WIT Studio and CloverWorks in which master spy Twilight must disguise himself as psychiatrist Lloyd Forger and build a fictitious family in order to investigate political leader Donovan Desmond. Unbeknownst to him, his wife, Yure, is actually a killer known as the Princess of Thorne, while his daughter, Anya, has telepathic abilities.

The comedy of errors and misadventures takes a dark turn as Loid is called on an urgent mission and Anya receives a warning about her family’s future and tries to stop it, eventually getting caught in the crossfire of Loid’s mission.

The comedic glamor and charming characterizations aren’t going anywhere, but fans are better preparing the series to put more emotional weight on the family story.

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mob psycho 100 Crunchyroll

MOB PSYCHO 100 III, is now broadcasting

After Season 2’s thrilling climax, Studio BONES has finally brought back the weird MOB madness from the creator of One Punch Man, ONE.

The plot of the series is as sloppy as the visual iconography: Shigeo Kageyama is an average school-age boy who just wants to live a normal life like those around him, he is nicknamed “Mob” and although he appears as an inconspicuous person, he is actually a strong esper with psychic strength Enormous, making trouble continuing a barrage of trouble haunting him.

With his pent-up emotions growing inside Mob little by little, his strength threatens to breach his limits as he eventually encounters other elements such as Claws.

This season, Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama has gained more confidence outside of his psychic abilities. One of the series’ best qualities is how unpredictable it is for those of us who haven’t read the manga, but according to the trailer, we can definitely count on this new season, like the previous two, to be on again. An absolute feast for the eyes with its crazy colors and vibrant visuals combined with excitement and fun descriptions.

Crunchyroll My Hero Academia Season 6

MY HERO ACADEMIA Season 6, streaming now

The Studio BONES long-running series returns with what may be the most anticipated season yet.

The story takes place in a world where 80% of the population possesses a superpower or superpower, and follows the story of Izuku Midoriya; He was born without a Quirk but still dreams of becoming a superhero. He is discovered by All Might, the greatest hero in Japan, who is given by Quirk to Midoriya after realizing his potential and helps induct him into the finest high school of superheroes.

This is Avengers: Endgame for anime fans, having started their journeys as heroes working for the Endeavor Agency (current hero #1); Midoriya, Bakugo and Todoroki along with their classmates and the entire Legion of Heroes in Japan prepare for war against the superhero Liberation Front that brings together the power of the League of Villains along with the remnants of the Metta Liberation Army, led by Tomura Shigaraki.

What began as a hopeful underdog story when Midoriya begins his heroic journey as a young man, will force all Class 1-A to mature on the battlefield in this all-out war that promises to inflict an emotional toll on heroes and heroes. fans.

Crunchyroll Blue Lock

BLUE LOCK, October 8

Fans shouldn’t expect an inspiring classic sports story. This is not Captain Tsubasa. Imagine the world of sports meeting the strategic and rugged gameplay of Squid Game.

Coming to us from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Creators Eight Bit Studio: The story takes place after the Japanese national team finished 16th in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. As a result, the Japan Football Association hires football puzzle Ego Jinpachi. His master plan to lead Japan to stardom is Blue Lock, a training system designed to create the world’s greatest cocky striker. Those who fail Blue Lock will never be allowed to represent Japan. Yuichi Isagi, an unknown high school soccer player who goes against his playing style, decides to join the program to become the best player in the world.

A morally compromising story that puts characters against each other mercilessly, it is a mental puzzle rather than an action-oriented story that will test players’ strength and belief system, taking them to the brink as a player as a team and as people.

jujutsu kaisen 0 maki

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More from Crunchyroll

But that’s just scratching the surface, CRUNCHYROLL has a lot more to offer, including: BERSERK: THE GOLDEN AGE ARC – MEMORIAL EDITION, SEASON 4 OF GOLDEN KAMUY, JUJUTSU KAISEN 0’S DEMONSTRATION IN SERVICE, SEASON 2 OF FOREVER AND MORE, INCLUDING In it is an endless library of classic titles.

Crunchyroll is a *must* streaming service for any anime fan, whether you’re a die-hard or just stepping on your toes into the world. They offer a variety of packages:

  • Fan Bundle for just £4.99 a month
  • Mega-Fan (1 month) package for £5.99 per month and includes offline viewing
  • Mega-Fan (12-month) package for £59.99 saving you 16% to pay for the whole year.

If any of the titles, along with the range of manga also available on the service appeal to you, sign up for Crunchyroll now and immerse yourself in all the exciting new series and seasons, on your way in this great fall season.

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