My Hero Academia: Deku's Final Quirk Makes Him Faster Than Even Prime All Might

Deku’s final quirk makes him faster than the premier ever

The following contains major spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 368, “Rev Up, One For All” by Horikoshi Kohei, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, now available in English from Viz Media.

Speed ​​is one of the most important assets for Pro-Heroes in My hero academyand although One For All’s basic ability gave him a good speed boost, Deku always prioritized increasing his speed with his ever-increasing stock of quirks.

In Chapter 368, Deku finally reveals the highly anticipated second user Quirk. It’s an ability that greatly increases a user’s speed upon activation, giving Deku access to speeds that even All Might couldn’t achieve at the peak of his power. RELATED: My Hero Academia just evaded one of the biggest prizes in anime

What is the whim of a second user of One For All?
Deku gets ready before he launches a quick triple attack in All For One

Deku’s seventh and final Quirk is called the Transmission, which gives him the ability to adjust the speed of whatever he touches. So far, Deku has only used this Quirk for himself to increase his speed, but based on his description, it’s entirely possible that he might be able to transmit his effects to other beings, possibly other heroes. If true, the transmission would perfectly match Deku’s favorite fighting style. Being activated by touch, his fast fire punches can slow down or speed up opponents as Deku desires.

The limited use of the transmission offered thus far has already cemented it as the most impressive of all the extra quirks hidden within One For All. It seemed that he was able to increase his speed in three stages, each much faster than the previous one. By the third stage, Deku’s fighting speed is strongly reminiscent of the flurry of punches Nomu would punish in USJ. He was already moving faster than the eye could track, and Mirio noticed that the sounds following his punches were delayed, meaning that he had already exceeded supersonic speeds. RELATED: My Hero Academia: All the Easter Eggs in the New Season 6 Opening

How is Deku now faster than everything?

Deku completely dominated All For One as they fight over UA

All For One recognized Quirk for the second user, but was surprised at how fast it had been since he last encountered it decades ago. Even with speed and reflexes rivaling the All Might team, All For One was powerless in the face of the young champion’s relentless attack, but Deku was getting warmer.

He was able to increase his speed again by pushing the transmission into Overdrive and at this point, he was completely invisible to everyone involved in the battle, including All For One. RELATED: SaitamaL’s All Might and MHA’s One-Punch Man beat it well

The sudden increase in power in the transmission may have taken All For One by surprise, but it wasn’t just a random power hand given to Quirk. Like the rest of the original One For All user’s quirks, the transmission grew stronger in the dormant years within the Quirk to store power. What had previously been a slight nudge in mobility that All For One first encountered had turned into a supersonic ability that was harassing the Demon Lord at the height of his power.

Although Deku is already much faster than the average Pro Hero, the transmission is a very welcome addition to his arsenal of quirks. As emphasized by Hawks and Endeavor, speed is essential for professional champions because it can make the difference between successfully saving a life and getting to the scene of an accident after an unfortunate fact. Deku has already proven his worth against All For One. give me a little My hero academy Before chapters, the villain would easily ignore the combined efforts of many professional champions. Now, the tables are officially turned.