Do it Yourself: Tradition vs. Contemporary Values

Original anime series have become more popular in recent years, such as Wonder Egg Priority And the Zombieland saga. The conclusion of the fall 2022 anime season is the original series Do it yourself!!. With the first episode already showing, the shoujo-oriented anime follows a group of six high school students who enjoy working on do-it-yourself or DIY projects.

While Do it yourself!! It may initially appear as just another slice of high school animation like The daily life of high school children or Meganibo, One key aspect left unaddressed: the wildly different lifestyles between neighbors and enemies Serivo and Miku.

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The Clumsy Serefu tends towards ancient characteristics

Serefu lives in a traditional Japanese home with her single mother and their pet dog, cat and pig. While she does have some access to modern technology like a smartphone, she and her mother prefer to do many things the old-fashioned way, whether it’s the process of cooking meals or taking a shower. The middle-class high school you attended Do it yourself!! He teaches typical subjects such as English and History.

Besides her tendency to diverge, Serefu is prone to injury, showing several aids on her body. While her rampant level of clumsiness has resulted in her mother stopping her from doing DIY projects – especially those that involve tools – Serefu finds herself wanting to get back in.

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Miku has a more modern approach to life – and a pet robot

Miku, on the other hand – referred to as “Purin” by Serefu – resides in a cleaner, more modern house. Her high school focuses more on technology, and one of the skills she acquires is knowing how to use a 3D printer. She finishes her homework on a laptop and takes the bus to and from school unlike Serivo, who rides her bike instead.

She even has a pet-like robot that greets her whenever she comes home — and even offers to paint her a bathroom at some point. Unlike Serefu’s bubbly and calm personality, Miku is noticeably more short-tempered and cautious.

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How these visual differences can affect yourself!

With Episode Two already on its way – and it’s true Do it yourself!! It does not originate from the manga – there is no sure way of knowing how this lifestyle dynamic will play out. However, it’s possible that Serefu’s exposure to the world of DIY could shape things in an interesting way. After having a small accident with her bike, she’s made a DIY when a VIP from her school fixes it in a matter of minutes.

After that, I became curious about how certain hardware tools are used. Indulging in these projects may lure Serefu away from Miku’s more futuristic lifestyle, showing that manual labor can accomplish just as much as modern technology can – especially since she’s actually depicted doing simple things on her own. Additionally, it may cause Miku to rethink her lifestyle and try her hand at DIY.

Although this possibility is not remote, it is doubtful whether this side will have a more active sound Do it yourself!! It advances or remains a more refined topic. While it could go either way, it will definitely be interesting to see how this dynamic unfolds as the series continues.