Hawks in My Hero Academia

Double falcon crossing can have unfortunate collateral damage

The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 6, Episode 1, “A Quiet Beginning,” now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu.

Hawks sneaking in My hero academy Fine. In fact, he implements his plan so well that he begins to establish contacts with villains. While that winged hero helps gather more reliable information and pass it on to the heroes, his actions may lead to inevitable heartbreak.

in My hero academy In season five, Hawks joins the League of Villains by pretending to betray the League of Champions. He even gave the notorious organization the corpse of Best Jeanist to earn their trust, which worked effectively. Hawkes then began merging with the group as he gathered information about its members and future plans. One member in particular bonded and opened up to him. Jin Bubijawara, aka Twice, appears to have fully accepted Hawks as a colleague and friend.

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The bond between hawks and twice

The first episode of My hero academy Show how much Twice trusts Hawks. Seeing Hawks talking to a few of Carmine’s men, Twice asks the champ to come with him. He wanted to ask Hawkes for advice as to what his business philosophy should be. Given that the Paranormal Liberation Front had only been founded, some of its members had skepticism toward former League of Villains members, which is why Twice came up with a business philosophy. He then explained twice that Spinner and Mr. Compress were discussing with Re-Destro and his men, while Dabi, Giran and Toga were minding their own business. As such, he could only rely on Wing Hero for guidance.

Just as Twice wanted, Hawks gave him advice. The hero told him to say something along the lines of that freedom is the highest priority, dismantling the existing system. Twice also mentioned showing his loyalty to Re-Destro, because they were only able to build their army using his blood ties. Twice he took Hawkes’ advice and thanked the hero for his help, even pointing out how good a person Hawkes was.

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Cracks begin to form in Hawkes’ plan

Apparently Hawkes had already gained Twice’s trust, and the champ knew it. In fact, gaining the villain’s trust has been his plan all along. He knew Jin was an easy target and used the villain to get a tip, which actually worked. She voluntarily told the Hawks twice about the Shigaraki’s status and location, key information that allowed the raid to occur.

Twice may have a past full of crimes and atrocities, but his background is also one of the most tragic. While his abnormality allowed him to commit various robberies and criminal activities, it also left him with mental issues. Since his clones had their own autonomy, they had implications that determined which one of them was real. It was also revealed that the main reason behind creating the clones was to make up for his lack of friends, which also resulted in him trusting others easily. Jin eventually overcame the trauma he had experienced, and finally began to recover.

Once Hawkes’ infidelity is inevitably revealed, Jane may suffer a relapse, especially as he not only appears to accept Hawkes as a colleague, but also admires him. Twice’s relapse could either lead him to go berserk or fall back into his confused old self, both possibilities sad for fans My hero academy to see.