Draymond: One Man Punch |  Manila Times

Draymond: One Man Punch | Manila Times

How much damage can a single punch do?

The successful anime One Punch Man seeks to answer this question, but an obvious answer will emerge in the next few days. The team least likely – the Golden State Warriors were the title holders, so why would they fight?

It is not entirely without precedent. Draymond Green and Kevin Durant had a verbal fight at a game, and when summer came, Durant was gone. However, that was a normal game of the season. This incident occurred in practice, in the pre-season. What would have sparked such a passion in a time when there were no bets?

Let experts and insiders speculate on the reasons. What will be discussed are the potential effects, separating facts from speculation.

Will Draymond be traded?

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This is the first and most important question. This was the fun and quick speculation drawn from the accident. Draymond Green used to despise LeBron James, but now, he is being taken care of by the agency associated with LeBron.

A common misconception is that Klutch Sports, and ultimately, LeBron, want all of their clients to play together. First of all, this is impossible, because they have more than twenty. Also, the Lakers swapped several Klutch clients, and they never left the agency after that.

Some of these are Montrezel Harrell, Kentavius ​​Caldwell Bob, Tallinn Horton Tucker most recently, and Jordan Clarkson (although JC wasn’t with Cluch at the time).

Sure enough, the Lakers signed Klutch clients like Kendrick Nunn, Juan Toscano-Anderson and Lonnie Walker 4th. But if it doesn’t work out, clients and the agency understand that they are looking for the best deal, wherever that may be.

The Golden State Warriors have never been happy with the trade, and they won’t replace their defense anchor as a quick reaction to a punch. Some would argue that this is Green’s “second blow” as he is blamed for keeping Kevin Durant off. This puts the cart before the horse. Durant was already planning to leave, which was why Greene was so angry.

NBA teams and players invest billions of dollars and their decision-making, despite the endless list of mistakes in hindsight, is not based on emotion. At least, that shouldn’t be the case.

Who leaked the video?

It made me smile when the Golden State Warriors seemed more concerned about the video leak than the fact that the blow had already taken place.

The blow was already a topic, and there were already pitchfork owners who wanted Greene’s head. That makes sense, because violence shouldn’t be a part of basketball. Especially with his teammates.

On every corner, the losers in the leak are the Golden State Warriors. It put their team in a bad light, even if they were champions. So the insinuation that the warrior camp leaked the video is simply unbelievable, brutal, and far-fetched, isn’t it?

not exactly.

It may not be the official management of the Warriors, and it certainly isn’t an official move, but the idea that he’s just an apprentice who wants money is too simplistic.

So why would anyone from the Golden State camp leak the video? There is a real good reason. The Warriors face a dilemma over which player should get the maximum contract – Draymond Green or Jordan Poole. Delivering both would be too costly, and they’d overstepped the bounds for Andrew Wiggins.

If Draymond Green felt ashamed, as he was in this situation, there might be teams who might hesitate to sign him. This would reduce his influence in contract negotiations, and possibly sign the Warriors at a lower price. This makes sense, but is that what happened?

Mostly not. Green, as mentioned, with Klutch. These are proud men, and as Draymond has already stated he wants the maximum, it would be an admission of defeat for Klutch not to get it – whether it’s the Warriors’ money or any other team.

So a leak is unlikely from Golden State. But we can be sure that the stories about how Jordan Paul became arrogant to his teammates came from Kloch. Greene’s brutal punch can’t be denied anymore, so they’ll just try to justify it.