endeavor's strongest attacks

Endeavor’s most powerful attacks, ranked

Since All Might’s retirement, Endeavor has taken a more active role in My hero academy a story. The de facto first champion has had to prove his worth on multiple occasions, and with Season 6 basically underway, he’s bound to have a lot on his plate.

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His reputation, Hellflame, allows him to manipulate large amounts of fire with great destructive power. He is also able to use it in multiple ways, depending on the type of situation he finds himself in. Although powerful, this oddity does great damage to his body when used constantly, causing him to overheat and require rest before he can take any further action. In battle, he is famous for launching a large number of powerful attacks, and these are the most powerful moves he has used so far in My hero academy series.

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9/9 caught

Before launching this attack, the Endeavor condensed a small amount of fire in his fists, so that it would take the shape of a fire spear. Then he uses it as a projectile with which he can attack his targets from a distance.

It’s not a very powerful ability, but it is one of the few effective long range attacks that he has within his arsenal. On one occasion, it was used to rescue a civilian who had been kidnapped by Winged Nomu, while on another it was used to incapacitate a small villain.

8/9 burning plane

After using the Flashfire Fist to condense the flames into white hot spots on his fists, Endeavor shoots out a powerful beam of fire capable of extending relatively long distances. Despite its reach, it is usually used at close range to maximize the impact on its target.

The Endeavor Organization noted that this attack could not be used multiple times in one battle, as it increased the rate at which his body temperature rose. He used a hole punch in Hood as his opening move, but the high-end basically didn’t get upset after receiving the attack.

7/9 the curtain of hell

With this attack, Endeavor covers a vast area in a blanket of blazing flames with the intent of holding his target in place. It was used against Tomura Shigaraki to prevent him from leaving the ruins of Jaku General Hospital, but the attack was ineffective due to the new, powerful form of the villain.

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However, Endeavor stated that the attack would be able to impede any regular opponent, which meant that his surplus was mainly due to Shigaraki’s improved constitution. It also does not possess great destructive power, since it focuses more on affecting individuals.

6/9 hell spider

In preparation for this attack, Endeavor activates his Flashfire fist; An enhanced state where he drastically raises his temperature to increase the power of his abilities. He then fires multiple thread-like fires from his fingertips and uses them to attack his opponents.

In the first demo, this ability was relatively ineffective against the high-end Nomu, the Hood. However, his next attack mustered significantly more power, splitting the upscale party into multiple pieces and destroying the upper half of the skyscraper directly behind it.

5/9 Hell Storm

This attack first appeared in Sharia My Hero Academia: Guardians manga series. It swallows a wide area in a whirlwind of flame, burning anything it comes in contact with. Its formidable appearance may make it appear raw, but as Detective Tsukauchi has noted, it requires careful performance control.

It was used by Endeavor to destroy explosive bees belonging to the rogue Pop Step. However, he deactivated the attack early on after noticing someone he thought was a hero in his range.

4/9 Hell minefield

originating from My Hero Academia: Guardians In the manga, this attack was used by Endeavor in an attempt to capture Ranger Crawler. It possesses a tremendous amount of destructive power, replicating and amplifying the effect of many landmines laid underground.

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It also acts as a flame eruption capable of extending several meters above the surface, posing a significant threat to anyone even far from Earth. Although the ranger survived this attack, he seriously injured Number 6, a villain pretending to be a hero who was involved in All For One.

3/9 vanishing fist

This attack is performed with a flame-coated punch that has tremendous power. Through it, Endeavor’s tongues take the form of a huge fist, and even after making contact with his target, the inflated fist can still be seen running through them.

It was powerful enough to hit Shigaraki in his awakened form, heavily injuring the powerful villain in the process. Later during the Second War, Endeavor also used it against All For One himself, and managed to outrun an intense flame fan while also being impervious to the recoil effect.

2/9 Burning Jet Vanishing

As the name suggests, this attack combines the effects of a vanishing fist and jet burn, creating a devastating force that is effective at both near and long range. He was hired by Endeavor in War II and fired even though the first hero lost his right arm.

Furious at All For One’s provocations and interference with his son Toya Todoroki, it was the first of a series of attacks aimed at destroying the powerful villain. It was also very effective, smashing All For One into the ground and creating an opportunity for more attacks.

1/9 burning protrusion

Declared by Endeavor himself as his most powerful technique, the Prominence Burn is an attack often used at the height of his most difficult battles. It required a massive effort of firepower from his entire body, which could aim in any direction he wished. Named the PLUS ULTRA Prominence Burn, the enhanced version involves releasing greater power while holding his opponent close to his body.

This attack featured in fights with some of the series’ most powerful villains, such as Hood, Shigaraki, and All For One. On all three occasions, Endeavor managed to burn his enemies beyond recognition, although in the cases of Shigaraki and All For One, they barely escaped the impact.

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