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Every opening of My Hero Academia, categorized according to Spotify streams

Kōhei Horikoshi My hero academy It quickly became one of the most popular shounen series of the decade and the level of excitement surrounding the anime has never been greater. A lot has changed across My hero academySix seasons and three feature films, all chronicling the inspiring development of Izuku “Deku” Midoriya to become the second-best professional hero in the community.

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Characters, quirks, and action sequences in . format My hero academy All are exceptional, but there’s also a great deal of excitement to the catchy opening songs that perfectly set the tone for the next set of episodes. These opening features masterfully combine captivating music with stunning visuals.

10/10 “Hitamuki” hints at all-out war in the new season of My Hero Academia

99402 streams

Super Beaver’s Hitamuki song is the latest My hero academy The opening theme that begins with the victory of the sixth season of the program. The constant focus in these episodes is the war culminating between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front and both sides are prominently displayed in all their mighty glory here.

“Hitamuki” is far from the worst in My hero academyOpening numbers, but since it’s a recent addition, it’s no surprise that it currently has the fewest streams. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if “Hitamuki” is closer to the top of the charts by the time Season 6 ends.

9/10 “Merry-Go-Round” gives the bad guys a place to win

12,762,920 streams

My hero academySeason 5 is a year full of changes and “Merry-Go-Round” by MAN WITH A MISSION serves as a satisfactory opening for the second half of the season. “Merry-Go-Round” is still technically one of the newest editorial themes in My hero academybut her lack of streams may have more to do with her mundane nature than her short life.

“Merry-Go-Round” looks to the future and the past with its visuals, reflecting what’s to come for Midoriya as well as the horrific origins of Shigaraki’s Decay Quirk. The previous opening theme of Season 5, “No. 1”, is also so catchy that most of the themes that follow may seem relatively lackluster.

8/10 ‘No. 1’ teases Deku’s bold evolution as he connects with One For All

19283775 tables

The fifth season of My hero academy He spends nearly half of his time in a cross-training competition that takes place between Classes 1-A and 1-B. This chaotic struggle between the two superheroes propels “No. 1” forward, the first opening theme of Season 5.

Class 1-B are often forced to remain in the shadows, but this opening figure allows them to let go of them in the best possible way. Other highlights of this introduction are the annoyance toward Hitoshi Shinso, as well as Midoriya’s Blackwhip Quirk, as he begins to communicate with the remains of former One For All users.

7/10 ‘Star-Marker’ celebrates school crap as season 4 ends

31.186.436 streams

It is always exciting for a famous musician or group to be able to lend their talent to a number of popular anime series. KANA BOON, for example, has left its mark through Naruto Shippuden Opening numbers, and it’s fair to say a lot My hero academy Fans were aware of their work before their fun “Star-Marker” track concluding season four.

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Maintaining its title, “Star-Marker” largely focuses on the musical efforts of Class 1-A students as they prepare for the school’s innocent festival at UA High. “Star-Marker” features the neglected Jiro so prominently that it even briefly features Gentle Criminal and La Brava.

6/10 ‘Make My Story’ concludes season 3 with cuteness and emotion

35471534 streams

My hero academySeason 3 is when the storytelling begins to properly mature into more adult themes. Season 3’s second opening number, “Make My Story” by Lenny Code Fiction, reflects a transition period of uncertainty in the series that followed All Might’s retirement.

The visuals in “Make My Story” are relatively muted compared to the deadly threat posed by the season’s villains. The scenes are more pedestrian than the previous opening themes, but the music itself is an emotional dogma that’s hard not to indulge in.

5/10 “Sora Ni Utaeba” is a serious call to arms to prepare the masses to get rid of spots

68236,751 tables

My hero academySeason two seriously raises the stakes and begins to delve deeper into the psychology of this hero-centric society. The season’s second opening theme, “Sora ni Utaeba” by Amarazashi, is a fitting track full of passion and melancholy.

This opening helps introduce Hero Killer: Stain arc and the new villain looks really terrifying in this opening. There’s also a great showcase of the budding friendship between Midoriya, Iida, and Todoroki, which is finally comfortable enough to indulge in Quirk’s fire-based abilities.

4/10 ‘Polaris’ hints at upcoming changes in season 4

69411493 tables

The fourth season of My hero academy It represents an important period of growth and reflection for Midoriya. The sixth inaugural theme of the anime, BLUE ENCOUNT’s “Polaris,” begins Season 4 on an appropriately epic tone. Deku’s various accomplishments are measured via glowing visuals while the title track of BLUE ENCOUNT celebrates the hero vigorously.

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“Polaris” also makes sure to feature Eri and her evil captor, Kai Chisaki, who gradually takes over the management of the season. Polaris evokes the same explosive energy that fans have come to expect My hero academybut still pushed her to new and daring places.

3/10 “ODD FUTURE” raises the temperature in the third season

69676973 tables

All my hero academia The opening themes effectively create anticipation for the action-packed events of the upcoming season. “ODD FUTURE” by UVERworld is the defining voice for the third season of the anime, and for many fans, it’s one of the best representations of it all. My hero academy He has to display.

Old and new heroes are featured in custom combat against different levels of villains. “ODD FUTURE” lives up to the occasion and sparks a big year to come, but it’s also just as legitimately a catchy song.

2/10 “Today” is honored to be the first song of my academic hero

89856974 streams

“Today” the group with the unique title Porno Graffitti made history with it My hero academyThe first opening song. There is a lot of expectation that goes into the first opening of an anime and “The Day” does an excellent job of introducing audiences to this powerful world and its humble hero, Midoriya.

“The Day” portrays Pro heroes like All Might with such respect and awe that its opening theme sometimes seems to be Midoriya’s daydreams of the heroic life that awaits him. This theme also motivates fans on Midoriya’s heroic journey.

1/10 ‘Peace Sign’ Helps Introduce The Second Expanded Season Of My Hero Academia

15130719 streams

Season 1 of My hero academy It’s hardly a poor start to the shonen series, but with only 13 episodes, it’s the shortest of the episodes and feels like a warm-up for the show’s characters and themes in many ways. Season two starts off big with Kenshi Yonezu’s “Peace Sign”, an excellent mix of music and visuals that also takes advantage of its now several years old.

“Peace Sign” largely highlights the events of this season’s sports festival, reflecting a greater scope than anything else from the first season. These sexy picks pair well with the song’s upbeat, upbeat lyrics.

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