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Explain why Vegapunk is interested in the Straw Hat Pirates

Like all early arc seasons, piece Chapter 1062 has provided fans with some very valuable information about certain characters. It has already been proven that Egghead’s island arc will focus on the genius scientist, Dr. Vejapunk. In the past few seasons, Oda has given fans a lot of details about the world, and there’s still a lot they don’t know yet.

in piece Chapter 1062, Vegapunk’s main body ordered Lilith to bring the Straw Hat Pirates to him. This is rather interesting considering that Vegapunk doesn’t seem to bother with anything that isn’t worth his time. The phrase Vegapunk means he wants a potential serving of the Straw Hats, or could it mean something else?

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While this might not make sense at first glance, it’s easy to overlook the fact that Sanji and Vegapunk are connected through Vinsmoke Judge. Judge and Vegapunk were both part of MADS, and during their time together they discovered the lineage factor. It is clear that the discovery of the factor of descent was very important to both of them because it enabled them to continue their research.

Vinsmoke Judge used this information to alter the genes of his children and turn them into superhumans. The judge also mastered the cloning process, and used it to create hundreds of copies of his children in case they needed repair. Judge’s scientific brilliance also allowed him to create raiding suits, which made his children far better than any normal human being.

Seeing one of Judge’s children can make Vegapunk feel nostalgic. Also, Vegapunk would probably be interested in Sanji because the latter has lunar traits. Vegapunk also experimented with the lineage factor of the moon, and used it to create Seraphim, which is a marine alternative to Shichibukai. Vegapunk’s second satellite, Lilith, looks remarkably similar to Sanji’s mother, Vinsmoke Sora, suggesting that there is some kind of connection between the two.

Frankie’s advice

When the Navy surrounded the Sapphire Straw Hats, they didn’t know what lay ahead. Fortunately for them, Bartholomew Coma intervened and sent all the crew members to different places. Surprisingly, the places weren’t random, and Kuma apparently wanted to help the crew get stronger. Luffy was sent to Amazon Lily, Zoro to Kuraigana Island, Sanji to Kamabakka Island, Robin to Tequila Wolf, Usopp to Boin Archipelago, Chopper to Torino Kingdom, Nami to Weatheria, Brook to Namakura Island, Franky to Karakuri Island. All these islands were chosen by Kuma, and while staying in these places, they became better at their craft.

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Franky was intentionally sent to Karakuri Island, which was the home of Vijapunk. As fans already know, Frankie is the most technically savvy Straw Hat. On many occasions, Frankie has shown his intelligence when it comes to making new inventions. The Thousand Sunny is the perfect example of Frankie’s creativity. After finding designs for a giant robot in the Vegapunk lab, Frankie decides to turn his dream into a reality. Therefore, Franky used Vegapunk’s blueprints and his own ingenuity to create General Frankie. There is no doubt that Frankie has improved a lot since skipping the time, but there are still certain aspects of his craft in which he could improve. So it’s possible that this arc is also pivotal to Frankie’s character.

Protecting himself from the world government

Vegapunk is one of the world’s largest assets of government. Since he started working with them, he has developed many inventions that helped them defeat pirates and other criminals. However, it seems that the World Government does not fully trust Vegapunk, which is why they ordered CP0 to destroy all Vegapunk bodies. In Chapter 1062, Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy are seen discussing the mission.

Lucci was puzzled when he found out that the World Government wanted to get rid of the “most useful man in the world”. Before Lucci could ask more questions, fellow Cipher Pol members stopped him. The goal of the Three Assassins is to destroy all Vegapunk corpses and return Seraphim Bartholomew Kuma to the Vegapunk Laboratory.

Given the fact that Vejapunk is the smartest person in the world, it is reasonable to assume that he may have already grasped the World Government’s plan to assassinate him. So he probably wants to help the Straw Hats fend off CP0.

Previously, Oda stated that the truth about Devil Fruits would be revealed once a certain world first appeared in the series. Oda was apparently talking about Vegapunk because he is so knowledgeable about devil fruit that he has even been able to feed devil fruits to inanimate beings. Vegapunk may provide fans with important information such as how devil fruits appear, why a fruit of a certain level has its own will, why a person cannot eat more than one devil fruit, etc. All these questions have been bothering fans for a long time and in order to get answers, Vegapunk must live. So, the Straw Hats will have to save Vegapunk from the killers. It will be interesting to see who found Vgeapunk’s main body first, the pirate or CP0.

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