Explaining the importance of Vegapunk in Sanji’s character

piece Recently saw the introduction of one of the most important characters in the entire series in Dr. Vegapunk. Vegapunk was first teased prior to the series’ time-skipping, shortly after the events of the Enies Lobby arc. Over the course of the Summit War arc track, fans have been able to see glimpses of his inventions in Project Pacifista and users of Inanimate and Devil Fruit.

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After the time skip, Vegapunk becomes more relevant to the story with several gigantic trials, artificial devil fruits, and newly modified Pacifistas, called Seraphim, coming into play. At Egghead Island Arc, fans finally get to know this genius whose mind is 500 years ahead of the rest of the world. Vegapunk is sure to answer some of the biggest mysteries piece Globalism. At the same time, it will definitely come in handy for characters like Frankie. Interestingly enough, Frankie isn’t the only character Vijapunk will have connections with. Sanji, the straw hat pirate’s cook, is another person.

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Sanji is one of the One piece Most incredibly well written characters. It is part of East Blue 5, the main characters that Oda considers the core of the series. Sanji aims to find All Blue and help Luffy find One Piece. He was recruited into Baratie, a floating restaurant on the ocean, however, that wasn’t where he grew up. Sanji was born in the North Blue as a prince of the kingdom of Germa and is the third son of Vinsmoke Judge and Sora.

Shortly before Sanji is born with his siblings, Judge experiments with them in order to turn them into war machines. This experience made all of the Vinsmoke siblings extremely powerful, however, Sanji was an exception. While the forces of science worked magic on all of the Vinsmoke siblings, Sanji remained an ordinary human and was hated for it. In the end, his sister Reiju helps him escape to East Blue and this is where Luffy finds him, after nearly a decade.

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Sanji believes that escaping from the kingdom of Jerma means severing all ties with this part of his past. However, this proved to be a far cry from the truth, even after he left Cake Island whole thinking he had solved things for good. Despite Sora taking medication to reverse Judge’s experience, all of the Vinsmoke siblings were born with scientific abilities to some degree. While Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji were quite successful experiences, Reiju was born with powers, along with emotions.

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Sanji had no authority and also kept his feelings. However, during the Wano Country arc, things started to fall apart for him. Years later, Sanji’s latent powers are beginning to awaken, just like his brothers. He gained an exoskeleton, greater muscle mass, along with an increase in his physical prowess, on top of everything he already had, making him strong enough to annihilate even the Plague Queen, a man with a fortune of 1.32 billion, effortlessly. This, predictably, made him a person with scientific abilities.

Furthermore, Sanji also possesses the power of Diable Jambe, which allows him to set fire to his body, especially his feet. While this ability was attributed to a flaming emotion, it was not normal for people to catch fire, unless they were of the Lunar Race. His ability to do something with science is likely as well, as the Queen hinted at him during the Wano Country arc.

Vegapunk’s relationship with Judge and Sora

Being heavily influenced by science in more ways than one, Sanji will have interesting interactions with Doctor Vejapunk in the Egghead arc. Vegapunk is said to be the most intelligent scientist in the entire One Piece universe, with their mind 500 years ahead of the rest of the world. Furthermore, Vijapunk has worked in the past with the judge, Sanji’s father. Together, the two were part of a group known as the MADS, where they discovered the Blueprint of Life, The Lineage Factor. This is the lineage factor Judge used to create the Vinsmoke siblings’ powers.

Meanwhile, Vegapunk used this lineage factor to understand the essence of the Devil Fruit and life itself. His latest innovation, Seraphim, relies heavily on the discovery of the lineage factor. As such, Vegapunk has a deep relationship with the judge. However, it may also be related to Vinsmoke Sora in some way. This is evidenced by the fact that one of Vegapunk’s bodies, Lilith, is similar in appearance to Sora. The two could be related to each other in some way or have a deeper relationship, such as being friends, which could also be how the judge met Sora and married her. It should be noted that Sora is also called the warrior of the sea, and Vejapunk created an identical warrior fighting for the navy, just like Sora from the famous comic in the piece.

Vijaponk and Sanji

Vijaponk and Sanji clearly have a lot to talk about. From the lineage factor, which led to the development of Sanji and the Vinsmoke brothers, to Diable Jambe, everything will eventually be handled by Oda. Furthermore, Sanji will likely find out more about Judge and possibly even his mother, Sora, through Vegapunk. Vegapunk will add another layer to Sanji’s already complex character. After all, he is the greatest scientific mind in the world piece Sanji is an example of science itself, described by Oda as a “flag warrior” when using his Vinsmoke powers. As the story progresses, fans will surely see the interaction of these two characters and Vegapunk will add more depth to the Straw Hat Cook. MORE: One Piece: The Biggest Straw Hat Pirates Mysteries