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How a promising Shonen Jump Manga became a huge disappointment

Warning: SPOILERS for Dandadan Chapter 76The stuff that Shonen Jump + was originally made for dandan So special now they’re turning the manga into a difficult read. Despite the initial promise, the final chapters of the manga focused on meaningless parody rather than enriching its characters.

Since the first chapter, jump + dandan He ventured into randomness and absurdity while presenting a series of unrelated and intriguing events that helped the reader feel that the new world he was delving into was enormous and chaotic. But after 76 chapters, the lack of a single major threat or major bad along with its endless regression into more absurdity just for being ridiculous is starting to take a huge toll on the overall sense of the promising series.

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dandanChapter 76 actually exemplifies the series’ need for so much misfortune. After defeating a giant kaiju transformed into a suit inside of a beautiful strange girl named Vamola, Momo Ayase takes Vamola to school via a shortcut and is randomly attacked by a yokai based on the Slit-Mouthed Woman from Japanese folklore. Then, as soon as she appears, the woman with the cleft disappears, allowing Momo and Famula to resume going to school. while, dandan The aforementioned kaiju battle featured a mecha acting like a Megazord from the Power Rangers with the help of an ugly pervert who unfortunately appears to be part of the main hero party now.

How dandan Reedm is still the same

The irony is that dandan Glimpses of what could be the main threat to the series, but by failing to actually follow through and execute, the gesture seems empty. The big bad series could be a member of an alien race known as Serpo who randomly arrives to try to steal a particular accessory from series heroes Okarun and Momo. But there’s no definitive character among them that stands out as a force that readers should fear, preventing the series from effectively positioning Serpo as the big bad.

More so than paradoxes, dandan He once hinted at the purpose of the aliens’ obsession with Okron and Momo, which could explain it dandan Combining aliens and yokai possessions with a hint of a greater motive can become something truly innovative and profound. But without anything concrete and just random theory, the effect loses its potency as the manga progresses without any answer. However, the new form that first appeared in Chapter 72 by attacking Serpo could be the real big evil. With so many other things going on at once, it feels like white noise amid the chaos, which has to come early to get everything together.

With real big evil, random dandan It can be meaningful. The series’ formula of one silly threat after another had its own charm. The fact that every transitional chapter from one arc to another has resumed dandan The blossoming romance between Okarun and Momo helped give some much-needed focus as well, leaving the reader invested. Randomness serves as a way to build a completely new world, but this world has become too big. It’s time to identify the mysterious creature attacking Serbo, confirm the theory about the relationship between yokai and aliens, and let one of his arcs last for more than a few seasons. dandan It might be disappointing Shounen Jump Now, but it’s not too late to turn things around.

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