Zoro sleeping in One Piece.

How did Wano’s bow bring back Zoro’s greatest strength?

in pieceThere are a few popular characters like Roronoa Zoro. As the first enlisted Straw Hats Luffy member, as well as the de facto deputy commander, Zoro had plenty of time to make an impression on the crowd. As the man who aimed to be the strongest swordsman in the world, he had to prove his strength on multiple occasions, even getting at least a little respect from the man currently holding the title, Dracul Mihawk.

A master of his unique “3-Sword” style, Zoro has shown that he possesses a combination of powerful moves and techniques that seem unique to him. Unfortunately, since he had so many options, some of his best moves had barely appeared since he was out of time. In fact, one could argue that his best techniques were completely forgotten until she suddenly came back during the raid on Onigashima, and no, this does not refer to his 9-Sword Style, “Ashura”. Related: One Piece Chapter 1060: What Is Luffy’s Dream?

The Great Return of Sleepy Zorro

Fans argue every day about the best of Wano. From Yamato’s prequel, Sanji’s sixty-six powerhouse, The Oden Flashback, to Luffy’s Gear 5 – the first prize-winning moment was Sleepy Zoro’s epic return.

Yes that’s right. As manga readers have known and anime watchers are only just now beginning to find out, Sleepy Zoro has made a triumphant return midway through the raid. This comeback alone makes the entire Wano arc the best of the post-time skip stories, and the hype alone could elevate Wano to the position of the best One Piece arc ever. Despite the enormity of this moment, some may wonder why drowsiness is its best strength, but the answer is very simple. Sleepy Zorro is the strongest Zorro because he has to be. RELATED: One Piece: Where Would Boa Hancock Go If You Leave Amazon Lily?

When the Frankie family tried to attack the ship at the start of Water 7, Zoro was ready before they all got to the ship. Even Kaku wasn’t able to sneak up on Zoro when he went to inspect the ship, when the ship maker arrived for the second time, the Straw Hat resident swordsman was ready to strike. Given how hurt Zoro is when he’s awake, it becomes somewhat obvious that he’s at his strongest when he’s asleep.

Some might think that this entire article is a big joke, written for laughs, and that these examples are still not enough. For those who doubt, look no further than Zoro’s face to see the truth. Physically speaking, the biggest difference between Zoro’s skip before and after time is his eyes, more specifically his left eye.

For years, fans have speculated what happened to his left eye. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t think outside the box nearly enough. Zoro never lost his eye, he just chose to keep it closed. As previously identified, Zoro’s strongest is Sleeping Zoro, and Zoro himself has managed to become noticeably stronger since the time skip, easily when he stopped opening his left eye. Zoro has been half asleep this whole time – by “sleeping” with half his face, he can use the other half to properly communicate with his crew and allies while harnessing at least some of his true power. Related: One Piece: If the Dragon is from Skypeia, it may reveal the identity of the Devil Fruit

Strange theory or stark fact?

For those still on the fence, consider Zoro’s fight with the King, or rather everything before him. Zoro fights monster pirates, then fights Big Mom and Kaido, where he is defeated while awake. Then, in a supernatural turn of fate, he lost consciousness. By the time he woke up, he was ready to fight the king.

Many believe that Enma is the reason for Zoro’s victory, but this is not true. It was that nap before the fight that served as the necessary incentive. Sleepy Zoro has been absent for years, but then all of a sudden, right after taking a nap, he manages to use the Advanced Conqueror Haki against the King, who hails from a dynasty perhaps the most powerful race in the world. piece. This nap, along with his sleepwalking style is easily the best trick of the entire series.

Mark those words, the return of Sleepy Zorro will eventually become crucial when the Straw Hats find their signature One Piece. Obviously Oda would go out of his way to impress fans in other ways, perhaps even with Zoro, but quite frankly it’s hard to believe anything could ever happen. When Zoro is at his best, piece At its best.