Hunter x Hunter manga returns early with the long-awaited volume 37

Hunter x Hunter manga returns early with the long-awaited volume 37

The Hunter X Hunter The manga is back – and it will arrive much sooner than we previously thought. While Japanese website Shonen Jump Twitter originally announced the release date on November 4, it turns out that the beloved manga will be back in just two weeks, on October 23.

Viz Media announced Monday that the new chapters of Hunter X Hunter It will be available in both English and Japanese simultaneously starting from that time. In addition, Viz put the entirety of a file Hunter x Huntr manga in the digital vault today, Shonen Jump members can access it for $1.99 per month. However, the most recent chapters (388-390) are available for free.

The Hunter X Hunter The manga has been on hiatus since 2018, when its creator Yoshihiro Togashio took a break due to health issues. In May, he created a Twitter account to share updates about his work, announcing the series’ return.

The Hunter X Hunter The manga began in 1998 and has been adapted into two anime series. It takes place in a world where licensed professionals called hunters embark on fantasy adventures, such as subduing dangerous monsters, tracking down criminals, or searching for treasure. They can harness the supernatural power known as Nen to increase their fighting abilities.

Gon, a young boy with superb fighting skills, sets out on a mission to find his father, a legendary hunter he left behind when he was an infant. Along the way, he befriends Killua, heir to a notoriously deadly killer family; Kurapika, the sole survivor of a genocide bent on revenge; and Leorio, who wants to be a hunter so he can pay his medical school tuition. As fans of the 2011 anime series might know, the manga pretty much concluded Gon’s arc and has since turned into a follow-up to Kurapika.

Kurapiak uses chains

Photo: Yoshihiro Togashi / Shueisha

Kurapika is a member of the Kurta clan, a group of isolated people known for their bright scarlet eyes. When he was younger, they were all killed by a group of thieves known as the Phantom Troupe and had their eyes ripped out and sold on the black market. Kurapika devoted his life to tracking down the Scarlet Eyes and eliminating the Phantom Troupe – at the cost of his life energy. This mission leads him on a dangerous expedition to an unknown continent, where he works as a bodyguard for a young princess. He is also involved in the royal family’s fierce war for succession.

Leorio is there too, but it’s operating in Med Bay and unfortunately we don’t see much of it (although a Viz Media teaser image suggests we’ll probably see more of Leorio).

Size 37 of Hunter X Hunter Shonen Jump hits October 23. An unofficial Shonen Jump Twitter account posted a cover photo: