"I was (open) there" in the failed final

“I was (open) there” in the failed final

Russell Wilson had KJ Hamler open wide in the last play of the Broncos’ overtime loss to the Colts, and he never saw him.

Instead, an incomplete Wilson threw Courtland Sutton in coverage at the back of the end zone to finish the game. Humler went berserk, taking off his helmet and repeatedly smashing it to the ground in frustration as the Colts celebrated their 12-9 victory.

After the defeat, Humler sat in his locker staring at 1,000 yards, clearly wondering which game winner would have been fourth and one on the five-yard Indianapolis line.

“It was a good theatrical call, we just have to implement it,” Humler said. “I was (open) there. I am disappointed that we lost.”

After returning from the season-ending knee/hip injuries he suffered in Week 3 last year, Humler struggled to gain any momentum in his third season with the Broncos. He didn’t have a catch until last week in Las Vegas – a 55-yard reception that set up touchdowns – and has only been targeted four times this year. This included two goals against the Colts, with one catch for 10 yards.

For the past two weeks, Humler has dealt with a groin injury, and has been limited to four shots against the Raiders. But he maintains that his thighs, knee and hip are fine and that “this is the best I’ve ever felt.”

“But my satisfaction doesn’t mean anything unless we win,” Humler said. “We have to (bounce)…Most of the time in the NFL, that’s how the game will be (it’s going to finish). We couldn’t finish.”

Humler did not point the finger at Wilson for the failure of the last play, although Wilson himself said “I feel like I let us down” with how the match ended.

“I went to Cortland there, and[Colts veteran quarterback Stefon Gilmore]made a good play,” Wilson said. “I was willing to move (and scramble) if I needed to… I had to find a way to do the play there.”

Humler believes the latter impulse is evidence of how the Broncos are able to move the ball when they get into a rhythm. But he also emphasized that there is no excuse for the offense not being able to find the finish zone at Thursday’s Field Goals Festival. The Broncos were zero to 4 in the red.

“We got out on the field quickly (in overtime),” Humler said. “We go into the red zone, into the ‘gold zone’, we just have to learn how to keep pushing and how to finish. We can’t just stay empty there… We are able to score 40 points (match), especially with our midfielder.”

Through five games, the Broncos average 15 points per game. Had Wilson found Humler in Thursday’s last game to defeat the Colts, this would have been Hammler’s second game, and TD win of his career. As a rookie, he also had one Drew Lock hand in Week 8 in 2020, which culminated in a comeback victory against the Chargers.

Instead, he could only shake his head in frustration at a missed opportunity.

“I mean, I did everything I could,” Humler told reporters. “I fought (my ass). We as criminals, we (butt) fought against our.”

Bronco contributed reporter Parker Gabriel’s beatification in this story.