Pro Hero Midnight as seen in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

Is midnight dead in my hero academy? explained

Nemuri Kayama aka R-Rated Hero: Midnight was a main supporting character in My hero academy. Besides being a professional champion, she was also a former art history teacher at UA High and thus, Midnight was a favorite in the MHA community.

So for people who ask if midnight is dead my hero academy, Yes, midnight dies in chapter 296 of the manga. Here’s all about her unfortunate death.

midnight death in my hero academiaxplained

As the fight against the Paranormal Liberation Front intensified, there was unprecedented chaos. Both sides suffered heavy losses. One of those victims was in the middle of the night. As confirmed in Chapter 296, Midnight was killed by an unknown assailant on the orders of Shigaraki in an ambush.

Fans of the series were devastated when they found out about her death because Midnight was one of MHA’s most beloved characters. Known as a “Somnambulist,” Quirk gave her the ability to release a sleep-inducing scent from her skin. I used fans to spread the scent further and whip up a leather style for the fight.

How did midnight die?

Pro Hero Midnight as seen in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)
Pro Hero Midnight as seen in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

Basically, heroes and villains were tied up in a pitched battle. Chapter 278 follows the R-Rated hero as she ventures to stop Shigaraki’s trump card, Gigantomachia. Her plan was to get close enough to his face and release the Somnambulist to make him fall asleep.

However, it will not be that easy. On top of the giant’s back were the original League members. When Midnight climbed into Gigantomachia’s face, the villainous Mr. Compress threw glass balls at her which turned into wreckage. This assault hit her on the back and injured her after separating from her team.

Elsewhere, in the midst of his fight with the heroes, Shigaraki used his communications to order the supervillains’ remaining villains to kill on sight. In the middle of the night she ended up becoming the target of this as she was later ambushed by a small group of bad guys.

last thoughts

Episode 115 was good! Extra scene of Izuku, Bakugo, Ochaco, Shoto, and Iida helping the evacuations was awesome, Mirko fighting against High End Nomu was awesome, it was cool how Midnight encouraged Kaminari because he was scared, thought of Jiro and calmed down.

My hero academyMidnight, in fact, died off screen. This fact is not well received by fans and fans of the series all over the world. Given that she was very popular, fans expected her to continue to live.

The heroes and villains in the show are better killed. Usually, they all come out guns blazing in all their glory and/or get some kind of emotional goodbye. This is how it is usually dealt with. But midnight denied it. Her death was just a mention and didn’t get much attention.

What makes it unfortunate is that not much of the character or her background is shown. She was known for her brilliant career as a champ, something we hardly saw anything of. She was not given a chance to develop into a central character in the series.

A midnight death would always be very unfortunate because it was something that could have been better handled.

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