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Joker x Childcare Manga Announces Final Arc Start Date

The DC-approved hit manga One Operation Joker will premiere on October 20 in the upcoming issue of Kodansha’s Morning.

The Batman– Inspired comic manga, Operation One JokerHe will soon begin his final story.

Twitter user MangaMoguraRE shared the news on his page, along with the cover of the manga’s latest volume, which shows Harley Quinn looking happily while the Joker plays with baby Bruce Wayne. The first chapter of the premiere of the final arc in Issue 47/2022 of Morning magazine in Kodansha on October 20. Despite the manga’s unconventional portrayal of the Joker and its near-exclusive focus on comics, DC Comics has officially approved the series.

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Written by Satoshi Miyagawa and illustrated by Goto Keisuke, Operation One Joker The film revolves around the infamous Batman antagonist who raised the Caped Crusader since childhood after turning into a baby. Unlike other incarnations of the Joker, which focus on ingenious villain plots, this series has the character of dealing with traditional parenting issues such as struggling to get the baby to sleep and changing diapers. While the series’ first volume focuses primarily on the Joker’s adaptation to the trials and tribulations of parenthood, the second volume features the Joker who has settled comfortably into his role as the adoptive father of the now-toddler Bruce.

Japan loves Batman comics

many of Batman Premiums have come out of Japan over the past decade. Kodansha’s Morning has also published another Caped Crusader manga about Gotham with the title Batman: Justice Buster, which debuted in December 2020. This series is authored by Ultraman Creators Tomohiro Shimoguchi and Eiichi Shimizu are set for three years in Batman’s crime-fighting career and features the appearance of several notable villains, including the Joker. While Batman has always relied on gadgets and technology, the series goes further by giving the hero a full body armor suit, with his famous friend Robin serving as the artificial intelligence of the suit.

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a Batman Anime called anthology Batman: Gotham Knight Also featured from Japan in 2008. This project features six independently produced short films from four different animation studios. Seven other directors participated, including Yasuhiro Aoki (Digimon: I Golden Digitals), Toshiyuki Kubuka (Berserk – Golden Age Arc – Commemorative Edition) and Hiroshi Morioka )Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle). Each movie’s story is unrelated and depicts its own version of the Caped Crusader. Kevin Conroy, who has voiced the Batman character for nearly a decade, starred in the title role Gotham Knight English copy.

Operation One Joker Currently there is no English translation. However, fans can read hundreds of other Batman comics across the DC Universe Infinite and through Amazon’s Comixology Unlimited. Batman: Caped Crusaderwhich is the next major vowel entry in Batman The franchise is running but has no release date.

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