Gojo Satoru's eyes from Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Director Kaisen reveals that he has hired the “Eyelash Police” for the series

boss Jujutsu Kisen 0 Keep Gojo’s famous, gorgeous lashes out of control in the movie prequel.

According to the avid translation Jujutsu Kisen One fan, Jさ (soukatsu_) Twitter, director Sunghoo Park answered some questions during a Q&A event at Jujutsu Kisen 0 It was released in South Korea on October 8. During the session, he revealed that there should be “eyelash police to keep the painters from going overboard with Gojo’s eyelashes and glossy lips inside.” JJK 0.Park continued, teasing that “a certain unnamed character designer ([Tadashi] Hiramatsu) was a very strong eyelash agenda and Jojo’s eyelashes kept getting longer than necessary.”

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in Jujutsu KisenGojo is a teacher at Jujutsu High and is known for being the most powerful Jujutsu magician in the world. In fact, he is so powerful that he has to wear a black eye band to cover his six eyes. As part of the Gojo family, he also inherited Limitless, but this technique can only be mastered by those who have the Six Eyes. As the bearer of the Six Eyes, Gojo has the ability to process information at an extremely high speed, allowing him to manipulate Limitless energies. Six Eyes was first used when he fought Jogo. The running joke in the fans is that a lot of the animation budget must have gone into designing Gojo’s character because his eyes, which are stunning blue with long white eyelashes, are more detailed and aesthetically pleasing than any other character.

In the interview, Park provided additional information and humor about the process of moving scenes in the film. Park says his daughter caught him when he was using a mirror to visualize Gojo and Geto’s last scene, and she thought he was drunk, so”[tattle-taling] To her mother about doing stupid things while intoxicated RIP. “Park’s daughter seems to be a huge fan of the anime as he said that he asked the creator, Gege Akutami, to sign an illustration of Yuuji and Maki” to get a point cake from dad. His daughters now keep this drawing as a precious heirloom.”

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Not only did Park direct the prequel, but he also directed the first season of the anime. Before that jujutsu kaisen, He worked as a lead animator on several other MAPPA series, including the 2016 series Yuri!!! on the ice2018 Banana fish As Assistant Episode Director and 2020 High school god. Hiramatsu was responsible for character design and was the chief animation director at Yuri!!! on the ice and worked on it Parasite – old saying- And the Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0 three times at a time. Park has yet to confirm whether he will return for a second live season Jujutsu Kesen.

Jujutsu Kisen 0 Released in December 2021 in Japan and adapted to the Akutami prequel series. The story follows Yuta Okotsu, a young boy who is haunted by the cursed spirit of the highly clingy Rika Orimoto, his childhood friend who died in a tragic accident. His beginnings are similar to Yuji Itadori, the series’ main protagonist, as Gojo saves him from execution. Instead, a jujutsu wizard takes him in as a student at a jujutsu high school. The film was a huge box office success, grossing just under 14 billion yen during its release, and was the eighth highest-grossing anime film in Japanese history until it was recently surpassed One Piece movie: red.

Jujutsu Kisen 0 Available to watch on Crunchyroll.

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