Jujutsu Kaisen 0: HC Lasell Yali's boss movie review

Jujutsu Kaisen 0: HC Lasell Yali’s boss movie review

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Basic information

Jujutsu Kisen 0: The Movie It was released on March 19, 2022 in the United States. It has been officially released for about seven months at the time of writing, but it has made a huge ripple in the anime world. When he mocked that it first happened, everyone freaked out. jujutsu kaisen The first episode was released on March 5, 2018. Its popularity quickly soared when anime broadcasting giant Crunchyroll premiered its English dub in November of 2020. As of August 2022, over 70 million copies of the manga have been circulated, making it one of the The best selling manga series of all time.

I love the show as a whole! The main protagonist, Yuji Itadori, is a humble man despite having an abnormal level of strength. The show is just a story of a natural upbringing heroine and is one of the most popular anime out there today.

but, Jujutsu Kisen 0 It is a pre-show set a full year in advance of the events that occur during the events of the regular show. The story revolves around Okkoto Yuta, a boy related to his deceased childhood friend Orimoto Rika, who has since been turned into a curse. Because of the severity of Rikka’s curse, Yuta is assigned as a student in the special class. The story begins with the attack on Yuta’s bullies due to Rika’s protection of Yuta. This introduces us to the extremely powerful wizard Gojo Satoru (and my husband until everyone backs out). He is a professor at Jujutsu High and is drawn to his attention by the rarity of Yuta’s status. After the attacks, Yuta was in a very dark place and was thinking about his life when Gojo came and convinced him to use his curse to help those in need. The plot continues to grow at Jiu Jitsu High School, where students are taught how to fight and keep insults.

**From now on, this review will contain spoilers so please proceed with caution**

the start

On the first note, this movie starts off on a startling note. The problem is presented to the public from the start. He did not leave the audience in a state of guesswork. Utah and Rika were childhood friends, but Rika died of a traumatic car accident that Utah witnessed firsthand. Then Utah inadvertently placed a curse on Rikka to make sure she stayed with him forever. The animation is a bit graphic, so for some moments you might try watching the anime for the first time. However, even if it is a lot, the animation style itself is impeccable.

That’s another cool thing about this movie. In a lot of other anime, you need to watch the show before to understand the characters and plot. Coming from someone who has seen the show before, I can definitely say this movie could be a standalone if need be. Effectively covers the main points of the anime. One can honestly watch the movie before the show if one wants to go in linear form.


The characters are also another strong suit. Maki, one of the other students at the school, has a tough exterior, but once Utah gets to know her better, he realizes she really wants to help him and wants to improve herself too. The panda is the real panda and it’s a regular comic relief, which I think is just plain hilarious. Toge Inukami is a special magician who uses sonic attacks, so his talk to his friend is limited. This support group about Yuta allows him to transform into a curse and gain his confidence so that he can be more comfortable with himself.

One of the most interesting parts of this story was the antagonist. A ghetto extremist believes that a powerful witch should not hide in the background of the rest of society. He believes that witches should run the world and that common people who do not interact or see curses should be eliminated. He tries to get close to Yuta so he can get Rika’s curse, which is honestly a huge opponent’s arc. My favorite part is that Geto has his students he takes care of and the relationship he has with them is really humble and wonderful. I know he’s the villain, but I always appreciate it when the story shows villains as more than just bad guys.

last thoughts

All in all, this movie gets a 9.8/10. This is a great overall movie! It has action, it has love, it has comedy, and it has its share of horror. I wouldn’t recommend this movie as an introduction to anime, of course. It has a lot of blood in it, so I recommend a more family friendly style for first timers. But if you watch the anime and if death noteAnd the Tokyo GhoulAnd the parasite Is your way, I recommend this movie.

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