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Jujutsu Kaisen fans compare Denji and Yuji after the premiere of Chainsaw Man

after, after Jujutsu Kaisen, chainsaw man, Which premiered on October 11, 2022, it took the anime community by storm. The level of detail and clarity shown in Episode 1 is a testament to MAPPA’s dedication to the series. The Tatsuki Fujimoto series joins Geje Akutami as the most anticipated show of 2022.

With that, fans naturally started drawing comparisons between the two. In particular, lovers Jujutsu Kisen Went to compare Yuji chainsaw mandingy; Here’s a look at the similarities and differences between the two charming heroes.

Disclaimer: This article contains Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man spoilers.

Jujutsu Kisen Compare fans chainsaw manDenji’s fighting style, relationship and more to Itadori Yugi


chainsaw mandingy and Jujutsu KisenYuji are similar individuals. For starters, both are owned by an external entity. Yugi is used by the King of Curses as a ship while Denji makes a contract with his demon pet dog Pochita who has taken control of his body.

Itadori Yuji (Image via Studio MAPPA)
Itadori Yuji (Image via Studio MAPPA)

No Yuji from Jujutsu Kisen and dingy from chainsaw man They are open and cheerful individuals. They have a sense of empathy for people and will not hesitate to rush to help those in need. Despite their flaws, Yuji and Denji show that they are compassionate and warm. The pair are not very smart, but when it comes to battle, they can find their way around the threats.

jjktwt and csmtwt fighting like yuuji and denji are not best friends https://t.co/8QOb1ZKVVx

Fans have also noticed another similarity between the two – their target. Yuji seeks to find and consume all the remaining Sukuna Fingers. Meanwhile, Denji learns parts of the Gun Devil and embarks on different missions to find the same thing.


Denji and Bushetta (Image via Studio MAPPA)
Denji and Bushetta (Image via Studio MAPPA)

while similar, chainsaw mandingy and Jujutsu KisenThe Itadori Yuji is also different. One of their stark differences emerges when they transform. When Sukuna captured Yuji, he became a completely different person – literally becoming Sukuna. Denge, however, is still in control despite Pochita pulling the leads. Instead, he becomes very aggressive, cruel and sadistic.

Fans were quick to point out another difference. This was about their relationships with what’s inside of them. On multiple occasions, Jujutsu KisenItadori Yuji of Itadori has stated his hatred for Sukuna. Satan, in turn, does not make life easy for him. As Pochita is Denji’s best friend. The two merged due to their excellent relationship, and Pochita wants Denji to make his dreams come true.

Yuji vs Denji is adorable because they’re just two stupid kids who will take a break from smashing everything to talk about how great bad movies are. https://t.co/ylXJoiN3Ik

To continue, Yuji’s grandfather was briefly shown at the beginning of the series. He was Yugi’s only relative living. Being in the hospital, Itadori withdrew from all activities to spend time with his grandfather. But that was not the case for Dungey. His father was never shown, and after his death, he was left with nothing but debt and shock. Denji also has no known living relatives.

last thoughts

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s dark fantasy series and Gege Akutami’s supernatural fantasy have become the best series ever. From the engaging plots to the memorable characters to the exciting action sequences, they both did a great job.

with chainsaw man Finally getting an anime mod and Jujutsu Kisen In the queue for season two, fans are over the moon. While they both have similarities, both series are excellent about them and will improve over time.

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