Deku and All For One

My Hero Academia 369: Deku’s True Power

My hero academy 369 was a great addition to the Final War saga of the series. Previously, fans saw the arrival of Deku on the battlefield, and immediately after that the battle against All For One finally began. Deku unleashes the power of One For All Quirk to the fullest. As expected, he is much stronger than he was before, and what’s more, he seems to have awakened a new power. After he went into a rage seeing Bakugou lying dead, Mirio Deku calmed down.

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Shortly thereafter, fans saw him display a new powertrain called the Transmission. This super ability was seen in full force in the previous chapter and My hero academy Only 369 gave fans a better look at what she was capable of along with more, making it a very interesting opening chapter in the fight between All For One and Deku.

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Fate of the second

My hero academy 369 started with All For One recalling his fight with the second user of One For All Quirk in the past. Predictably, the second wasn’t even a challenge for All For One. His dribbling, transmission, wasn’t good enough to make a fight against All For One, and despite his ability to control small things, they didn’t have enough power to make any noticeable difference in combat. To All For One, this wasn’t even a power worth stealing. However, in this chapter, fans saw this power make a huge difference, something that surprised even the ugliest villain in all. My hero academy.

As expected, the more One For All is shifted, the more power the transmission has, and with that the transmission is several times stronger as well. As such, it’s no surprise that right now, this Quirk can make a huge difference in a fight and turn the tide in Deku’s favour. The second seems very confident about the abilities that Deku currently has. At the same time, his advice on how to proceed in battle proved invaluable and made a huge difference, as Horikoshi explains in My Hero Academia 369.

Deku’s new power

Deku finally managed to awaken the power of a second in the previous chapter and this week’s chapter only builds on that. After introducing the powerful Detroit Smash to All For One, this chapter saw him skip one step and introduce the Detroit Smash Quintuple to All For One. Furthermore, using Quirk’s power allowed him to gain more speed. Surprisingly, even the greatest villain in all of the series, someone who terrorized the world, openly admitted that Deku was simply too fast for him to see him. It became his strategy to predict his movements and tack accordingly. However, with a newly awakened Quirk, Deku is able to simply bend the laws of physics.

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It seems that inertia doesn’t apply to him anymore, which means he can easily change directions despite moving at super fast speeds in the blink of an eye. This is exactly what he did to him My hero academy 369 and keep hitting all for one. Once again, Deku combined his quirks to put All For One in a position where he couldn’t defend himself and deal him another powerful blow, destroying all of his defenses he had just created chapters ago. Undoubtedly, this chapter showed fans the best performance of Deku in any fight thus far, and this was brilliantly illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi.

All for one fights again

All For One is on his last legs, and by his looks, he has absolutely nothing up his sleeve at the moment that he can use against Deku and win the fight. However, being an example of Villainy, he will not give up. As we saw at the end My hero academy 369, All For One is ready to fight with everything he has. He realizes that the only reason he has is that it is because of the cooperation of the heroes that prevent him from using his full powers. To respond, All For One appears to be using a new form and turning into something more hideous. He believes that everything he has done up to this point has brought him incredibly close to eventually winning the Champions, and therefore, he still has a chance to win.

By his appearance, All For One will somehow try to break free from all the restrictions that other heroes place on him. If he manages to do that, things might get a lot more interesting. Anyway, the real battle had yet to begin because All For One had not yet fought in any way. Towards the end of the chapter, the focus shifted toward Spinner, who is in giant form fighting alone. Horikoshi will definitely touch on this plot point as we move forward My hero academyThe final war arc continues.

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