Spinner is ready to make a move now

My Hero Academia Chapter 369 brings Spinner back to the barn

It’s not the biggest talking point My hero academy Chapter 369, but Spinner will serve a greater purpose in the future.

For the past few months, readers have been following the events at UA Floating High School. My hero academy Chapter 369 is the first indication that other major battles will be covered outside of the AFO/Shigaraki area.

Here’s a quick look at Spinner’s role in My Hero Academia Chapter 369, and why he’s important to the series. For better or worse, the final war certainly won’t be over anytime soon. Fans still have a lot to look forward to. Of course, the question remains whether the Spinner can do some serious damage.

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Spinner is finally back My hero academy Chapter 369

Here’s what happened at the end of the chapter

during the events My hero academy Chapter 369, Shigaraki/AFO is completely overshadowed by Izuku Midoriya with Gear Shift Quirk (erroneously referred to as Gear Shift in previous translations). The hero will deal several blows to the villain in quick succession.

While this was happening, the AFO started talking to himself about how the odds were stacked against him. The villain is still under the influence of Erasure, which means he can’t even use his quirks. Then AFO shouts in frustration as nine lights appear next to him, similar to the OFA users surrounding Midoriya.

Chapter 369 of My Hero Academia ended with the AFO believing he still had a chance to win. The scene moved to Spinner, where he appeared more animalistic than he was before. It is now a huge giant with saliva coming out of its mouth.

Who is Spinner currently fighting for?

It’s been a while, so readers may need to refresh their knowledge of the final arc encounters. Spinner is currently heading to the central hospital where Kurogiri is located. He plans to take it back with a mutant army. The perspective will probably change there after that My hero academy Chapter 369.

Current Mic is stationed at the hospital, along with first graders Mezo Shoji and Koji Koda. They were last seen dealing with Spinner and his giant sword. It wouldn’t be an easy fight, given the scale and scale of Spinner’s attacks. The Gigantification Quirk gave him a massive boost in power.

Spinner vs. Shoji will likely treat their personal history with the Mutant Quirk distinction. Manga readers may finally get a glimpse of Shoji’s backstory. They’ve been waiting for that for a long time.

What does this mean for the rest of the series

My hero academy Chapter 369 is a necessary change of scenery. In the past several semesters, Kohei Horikoshi has focused primarily on developments at UA Floating High School. However, there are still many ongoing fights that need attention, such as Himiko Toga against Oshaku Uraraka.

Some readers were understandably concerned that Horikoshi would knock out the remaining battles in favor of Midoriya vs. AFO/Shigaraki. That certainly wouldn’t be the case, given Spinner’s involvement in the cliffhanger game. It is very likely that his fight will get a good show.

at least, My hero academy Chapter 369 reassures fans that Horikoshi has not forgotten the other battles. Obviously, the series won’t end this year, which means there’s more time left to enjoy it. Fortunately, some side characters will have their moment in the sun.

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