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My Hero Academia heroes who will make perfect villains

My hero academy He is best known for playing rope jumping with the concept of championship, as many of these powerful “good guys” have let all the fame and fortune get to their heads. Many vile organizations are trying to revolutionize the current social system to make things free and fair, as they believe that heroes are basically running a tyrannical system.

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This Shonen saga vividly convinces viewers to sympathize with many criminals and supplies many unpopular heroes to create even more disturbing contrasts. The following heroes walk a fine line between good and evil, especially when considering each quirk’s abilities and individual personality types.

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Katsuki Bakugou

Beginning with the obvious choice, Bakugou’s erratic behavior during the sports festival showed so much potential that the Guild of Villains tried their best to recruit the Hot Head, but thankfully, to no avail. With his destructive powers and chaotic attitude, even Bakugou’s classmates are nervous around the boy and rarely view him as a true ally.

Anger, resentment, and jealousy (along with a relatively violent upbringing) have all the makings of a perfect villainous origin story. Bakugou was only beginning to show heroic characteristics from season five, but even then, most viewers were worried that he might make a trip to the dark side.

Shehai Koroiro

Shihai already has the perfect look of a nightmare bug, and his hostile personality doesn’t win many hearts either. Literally categorized as a “Scheme Champion,” Shihai is notorious for his deceptive strategies and has already proven effective in mind games during a cross-training battle.

Not only can Shihai make himself invisible by disappearing into the shadows, Quirk allows him to travel through the darkness and actually teleport to another dark place. Vantadark wouldn’t even need to change the name to comfortably accommodate the bad guys; It’s all set and ready to go!

Kinoko Komori

While this cute pie’s personality type doesn’t exactly scream evil, Kiniko Quirk has some lethal characteristics that perhaps Dr. Ujiko would have placed high on his wish list! Its field of frogs may be annoying (and seemingly awful) than debilitating, but schizophrenia fungi have far more ominous results.

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By summoning this seemingly innocent fungus, Kinoko can subdue its victims with their aggravating spores that overwhelm the lungs, leaving tainted foes gasping for breath. If used to its full potential, Kinoko has serious consequences, and even the slightest injury needs immediate medical treatment to provide relief.

Neto Monoma

It’s hard to believe that many would miss the narcissistic Neto if he dropped out of UA High School, as he was likely only accepted into the Champions Tour because of his saga. Neto lacks so much substance in terms of character that it is almost impossible to even imagine him saving the day for anyone, as he is arguably the most selfish student in the world. My hero academy.

In a sense, Neito is like a fading version of All For One, with the ability to copy someone’s quirks and even store some selections within their system. He is a very fast and manipulative thinker, and indeed possesses a perfect blueprint on which to build Shigaraki.

Hitoshi Shinsoo

Shinsou has everything to make a legendary villain capable of bending pretty much anyone to his will. He is not often accused of being particularly cute, however, and his manipulative tactics are one point (which are often necessary to facilitate the activation of Quirk brainwashing). It won’t take much imagination.

The discrimination this young con man is constantly subjected to has resulted in him becoming a bitter and resentful person who seems to despise Midoriya (and everyone else) from the moment they meet. Shinso has announced that he is not at UA to make friends, and believes his character design has been heavily influenced by Marvel’s super character, Purple Man.

Fumikage Tokoyami

This Prince of Darkness has already set foot in the door, as the Dark Shadow is always ready to wreak havoc at the first opportunity he gets, without worrying about anyone getting injured in the process. Poor Fumikage expends a great deal of energy trying to tame the conscious beast within him; Imagine what he could achieve if heroic behavior was no longer a concern?

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It also makes sense that villains do most of their work under cover of darkness, which is the perfect condition for the Dark Shadow to thrive! Whether Fumikage’s new (virtual) evil allies will survive the ordeal is debatable, but All For One can certainly find a way to manipulate the situation to his liking.

Romero Fujimi

This Isamu Academy student features My hero academia OVA titled “Training the Dead” in which he turns a horde of students into a treasure trove of irrational zombies (who still have access to their quirks.) Romero shows an inability to control his monsters, quickly creating a chaotic scene and would serve as a theoretical counterpoint. Perfect for telling the hospital invasion of the Endeavor team in the super liberation war arc.

Romero shows no regard for the safety of the other student (yes, even his allies) during the course of survival and unleashes a death-defying zombie without evaluating the situation beforehand. Like Bakugou, this blue-haired boy easily loses control when angry, thus reducing his use of restraint when releasing poisonous pink gas.

Seiji Shishikura

Seiji has the perfect character for betrayal while the physics-defying Quirk would be a great addition to Team All For One, as he turns any living creature into a meaty ball of putty. This Shiketsu High School student walked out during the temporary hero’s license exam, however, he seemed to simply enjoy the unfettered abuse of power and put no effort into actually passing the exam.

Seiji looks down on those he considers unworthy but sees no advantage in practicing self-reflection on his own; So he is unlikely to suddenly look for any compensatory qualities. He is clearly very loyal, however, and the same can be said of Shigaraki, Twice, Spinner, and many other miscreants, and thus does not refer to Seiji’s alleged heroism.

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