My Hero Academia hints at the survival of a lovable hero in minute detail

spoilers for My hero academy Chapter 369many My hero academy Fans were heartbroken when Bakugou fell into battle against the Shigaraki/All for One hybrid, and the other heroes jumped into action, desperate to save him. Bakugou may still be off counting My hero academia The past few seasons, but the sudden appearance of the All Might relic may indicate that all will be well for the young hero.

When Bakugou apparently died in My hero academy Chapter 362, one of the last things the boy saw was the Spectral Phantom of All Power standing above him. This appearance was quite interesting, as this particular ghost form had only been seen by Deku within the mental realm created by One for All and only occupied by those who had used this ghost in the past. Of course, Deku showed up shortly thereafter, wielding several dodges stored in One for All to land some serious blows on Shigaraki. And every time he used this combination of shuffles, he was accompanied by a board of Deku using shuffles with photos of these previous users behind him…except for All Might.

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At the end of Chapter 367, Deku is shown standing in front of the remains of all previous users, except for the first user of All Might and One For All in My hero academyYuichi. Yoichi’s ghost then appears at the end of 368, with a message for his brother, but All Might is still absent. Finally, in 369, another hero shot of Deku standing in front of ghosts appears – but this time, All Might appears alongside the others, as the previous eight users have reunited with Deku for the first time since he arrived to fight the Shigaraki.

How will Bakugou Vestige All Might live

With Bakugo seeing the remains of All Might in 362 followed by the absence of his ghost from Deku, it appears that All Might’s spirit may have been watching and comforting his young child as he was about to die. This might be possible with Bakugo in particular because he briefly used the One for All FPS feature My hero academy Movie, Heroes Rising. If the All Might Ghost tends to Bakugo and is now back, this indicates that Edgeshot may have been successful in repairing Bakugo’s heart and lungs. Fans who have noticed this must have been prepared to see young Bakugou get back to his feet and return to join the fight alongside Deku.

If this explanation is accurate, it really speaks to how All Might contributes to My hero academyThe final battle though physically not present. Not only is his influence fighting through everything he has taught and inspired in these heroes, but his spirit is also present, fighting alongside Deku and keeping an eye on Bakugou. Chapter 369 also indicates that All for One is able to see these effects now as well, likely because My hero academia Two diametrically opposed quirks seem to be able to merge their inner worlds, just like when Deku Shigaraki fought during the supernatural war of liberation. Now that the spirit of All Might is back to help Deku, All for One might really lose it when he sees that the man is still standing against him, despite everything that has happened. And now, with the unbeatable spirit of All Might alongside Bakugo and Deku My hero academyThe final chapter has arrived, the best chance to eliminate the villain once and for all.

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My hero academia The final chapter is now available through Viz Media.