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My Hero Academia: Is Shigaraki Beyond Redemption?

in My hero academyA world of heroes and villains, the series begins at the end of the careers of the two biggest players, All Might and All for One respectively. Just as Deku inherits the will of All Might, Tomura Shigaraki also inherits the will of All for One.

Despite this role as Deku’s new big paper villain and main villain, several hints in the story have pointed toward a possible redemptive path for Shigaraki. Whether this happened or not, it is necessary to analyze his history and the feelings of fans in order to decide whether salvation is possible for him.

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How did you get this way

Shigaraki’s problems started before All for One found him on the streets as a child. Before that, he was living with his family which includes his father, mother, parents and sister. His father was short-tempered and distant, but otherwise, the family was happy together. However, as with most children in MHAYoung Tomura and his sister wanted to be heroes, much to the chagrin of their hero-hating father.

The abuse and neglect he received from his father was what not only caused his trademark itch for Tomura, but ultimately led to him killing his father when ‘dissolution’ first appeared. While the deaths of the rest of the family were accidents caused by Awakening Decay, Tomura willingly killed his father, and any hope of holding on to his past life was dashed.

However, it is important to remember that he was still a child at this time, and was rather cute at the time. If it wasn’t for his father’s abuse, a 5-year-old would probably not have had serious thoughts about murder. So it’s fair to say he’s not inherently evil, and he might have a good side.

How far is he?

Ever since she was found by All for One, Tomura has been on a downhill journey towards a villain. While his family’s death initially shocked him, AFO encouraged Tomura to give in to his malevolent desires to kill other people with his instincts. In Season 5, Tomura is shown killing two random men who had previously attacked him. While they were far from good people, death is a very harsh punishment for their crimes.

Since then, the number of Tomura and despicable crimes has increased. He has intentionally endangered UA children multiple times, including at USJ and their boot camp. While none of them died in these events, it was only due to the efforts of the student and the teacher.

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During the struggle with the supremacist Liberation Army, he personally killed many people, and ended up destroying an entire city. And now, as the leader of the Supernatural Liberation Front, he spearheaded plans to plunge Japan itself into chaos, resulting in the death and suffering of millions.

In the past where he covered the anime, he is now responsible for the fall of the country, the release of the AFO, and the deaths of Star and Stripe and many other heroes, and possibly many other heroes by the time the final battle is over. He has become so exhausted by his thirst for destruction that it is hard to see him change his mind.

How can he be saved

There is one way story MHA It can take a form of redemption for Shigaraki. It has been proven that his character has somewhat taken over the character of AFO. In the later seasons, his baby form is depicted as being trapped by the influence of AFO. And after all, he’s still technically a victim of AFO manipulation.

MHA He also appears to be using Shigaraki to critique the All Might “symbol of peace” model of fighting crime. The idea is that because society places all of its hopes on All Might and the heroes, civilians feel no obligation to help lost children like the young Shigaraki, which leads to his eventual corruption. By this logic, the story might be preparing to present Shigaraki’s “rescue” as an example of not leaving anyone in the community behind, as was the case with many villains.

Will it be accepted?

The series hinting at this conclusion has already elicited some negative reactions. For some fans, Shigarakis’ actions are too inexcusable for him to receive any form of believable redemption. For others, redemption for villains has become a very popular plot tool in modern media from owl house to me The attack on the Giants. In addition, MHA has already had a hard time attracting fans to Redemption from Endeavor.

If series creator Kohei Horikoshi wants to move forward with recovering Shigaraki in some form, it will take some clever writing, and some form of justice for his crimes until fans are fully satisfied with the series’ finale. There is also the question of whether the characters themselves are willing to adapt to this more progressive mindset about villains.

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