Overhaul, Dabi, and Tomura in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia: Smart Villains, ranked

My hero academy It is one of the most popular contemporary anime series and has a huge and loyal following from all over the world. They have some of the strongest and smartest personalities of all sides, and the abilities of the smartest first-rate students have been put to the test during epic battles with devious villains.

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These terrifying but highly intelligent villains were responsible for the worst deaths in the series that turned this show into one of its most emotional. My hero academy He has one of the widest range and most interesting villains who all possess not only their own unique abilities, but also their views on the world. That is why it is difficult to identify and defeat them.

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7/7 stigma

stain My hero academyThe ruthless hero killer. He is not only one of the smartest but the most dangerous villains and wants to get rid of all the wrong and undeserved heroes. Because of his twisted ideologies, he became a cold-blooded killer who took the lives of many heroes.

He killed seventeen professional heroes and paralyzed twenty-four of them including Tinya’s older brother, Tensei. He showed that he can plan, be patient, and keep his cool during battles. The fact that he was able to defeat many professional heroes shows that he has not only mastered his fighting and fighting skills, but is quick on his feet and has been able to find the weak points of these powerful professional champions.

6/7 Kagero Okota

Although Kagero Okuta, AKA Giran, is just a rank C villain, it’s not because of his weak intelligence. While Quirk is useful to Giran in his field, he is useless during battles. It can cause amnesia and erase the previous and next five minutes from the memories of its victims.

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He uses his mind and Quirk to act as a shady broker for the Bastards League. Jeeran is not only a good businessman with large numbers but a skilled negotiator and manipulator who has recruited many dangerous villains to this notorious organization.

5/7 dabi

One of the most controversial topics among My hero academy Fans are wondering if the Endeavor character is redeemable or not, and Dabby’s backstory seems to tip the scales toward no. Dabi is one of the strongest members of the Guild of Villains who used his wits and great observational skills to defeat his enemies. He’s also got one of the most interesting character arcs in the series.

Dabi is excellent at reading other people’s intentions, finding their weaknesses, and making complex plans during battles. Unfortunately, as it turned out later, it is mainly thanks to Endeavor that Dabi is his eldest son, Toya Todoroki, who is presumably dead for many years. Endeavor trained Dabby more harshly than Shoto had trained, and helped Dabby learn how to master his high-temperature quirk fire.

4/7 Kai Shisaki

Kai Chisaki, AKA Overhaul, is one of the most powerful and terrifying companies MHA Rascals with a little screentime. Fix was a ruthless Yakuza leader with a first-class assassin Quirk that allowed him to disassemble and reassemble anything he wanted. In this way, he could not only easily kill his enemies, but also heal the wounds of himself and his comrades.

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He was one of the most corrupt and irreparable villains who used his unique physical and mental abilities to increase his own powers and stopped at nothing to achieve his goals. One of his worst acts was physical and mental abuse of Eri.

3/7 Tomura Shigaraki

Not only Tomura Shigaraki MHAThe strongest villain but also the most intelligent person if he is not also damaged to the same extent. Tomura’s strongest powers helped him defeat many professional heroes, and he is the proud leader of the League of Villains.

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Tomura is seen as a dark version of Deku who matches the abilities of the young hero and is the protagonist of All For One, who was All Might’s biggest opponent. Despite Tomura’s extreme intelligence, superb analytical skills, and unparalleled killer quirk, his mental instability and impatience make him weaker, and he can even be overtaken by weaker opponents because of it. Tomura’s behavior has improved a lot over the past seasons, although he still has some work to do when it comes to self-discipline.

2/7 Kyodai Garaki

Dr. Kyudai Garaki AKA Kyudai Garaki is My hero academyAn evil genius with expert knowledge of quirks and was able to create clones and implant them into the terrifying Nomo. However, he is just a follower and not a leader who is useless in the Life Force during battles.

What makes him one of the darkest anime characters is his ability to feel sadness and the fact that he is able to show empathy for others which makes his actions even worse. Although he is a certified genius, he is also a great coward who easily loses his temper and panics under pressure.

1/7 All for one

All For One still My hero academyThe greatest and smartest villain. In fact, he is one of the most intelligent shounen anime villains of all time. He was a very clever and sadistic villain who killed Pro Heroes without remorse.

Even though he was practically blind without using his infrared rays and needed a life support system in the form of his fearsome mask, he was still the most dangerous villain out there. He managed to collect six powerful Dodgeballs and learn to use them skillfully and even with each other during his epic battles.

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