NCT 127 meets Los Angeles fans for a concert

NCT 127 meets Los Angeles fans for a concert

NCT 127 performed at the Arena Thursday night as one of two US stops on their “NEO City – The Link” world tour for thousands of NCTzens. (Kassi Yamamoto | Daily Trojan)

Before NCT 127 took to the stage, the Arena already resonated with thunderous cries from thousands of NCTzens, dedicated fans of the group, Thursday night. The neobongs, the light wand of the group, lit up the place: looking out from the balcony, the floor seemed to be filled with a sea of ​​green stars moving in sync with the beat. The atmosphere of anticipation and excitement was palpable as the sounds of the group blasting over the speakers just rose before the concert kicked off.

As the last pre-recorded song ended, the arena plunged into darkness and the deafening roar of the crowd lined up. All light toward the stage was cut off as the nine members of the group appeared dressed in solid and sharp white, fans only shouted louder as they each made their way to the center of the stage, forming a line to enjoy the glee of the NCTzens. . Three years later, NCT 127 is finally back in the States and ready to start the night off strong.

The opening portion of the party began with the group’s demo song “Kick It,” with the crowd going berserk upon hearing the opening song’s lyrics, “Let me introduce you to some new stuff!” The fireworks lining the stage increased the crowd, further enhancing the performance of the group.

The group immediately moved on to “Lemonade” and “Cherry Bomb,” two pieces of strong hip-hop that specifically highlight the band’s ability to rap, passing the spotlight on to members Mark, Taeyong, and Jaehyun as they loudly declared, “I’m the biggest buddy.” theater success. The choreography of these two songs was nothing to be scoffed at, as the group performed flawlessly powerful and compact movements while remaining perfectly in sync with each other.

After completing its opening stages, the members began their initial greetings to the crowd. As the members introduced themselves one by one, fans cheered each member in succession. Morale was high as member Johnny explained the meaning behind the tour’s name, “The Link,” shouting that on that day, NCT 127 and the NCTzens “form a link.”

And they formed a bond that they definitely did. Although attendance at the ceremony was massive as nearly 12,000 NCTzens filled the arena, the emotional bond between NCT 127 and NCTzens was incredibly intimate. Both members, especially Taeyong and Mark, reiterated how much they miss their American fans on multiple occasions throughout the night.

Due to the impact of the coronavirus, NCT 127 has been unable to perform in the US for a few years, making this concert dear to both the band and their fans. The time elapsed between the last time they performed here and now was significant — and significant enough that the group has released three new full-length albums since their last visit, making this concert the first in the US for many of the songs featured on the show.

NCT 127 seamlessly transitioned to a cheerful, cheerful clip, performing their songs “Elevator”, “Dreamer” and “Love Song”. Each member moved through the stage, danced with each other and interacted with stage props as members Haechan, Taeil, and Doyoung gave the audience a taste of their live vocal abilities, as they pulled off their lines with incredible ease. The cheerful vibe the clip evoked encouraged many fans to dance in their place and sing shamelessly with the idols.

The middle part of the show was filled with solos and duets like “Love Sign”, Haechan and Taeil Ballad Duet as the two exchanged their amazing vocals, pulling the audience in with great harmony. Mark’s solo, “Shake” and a duet with Taeyong, “The Himalayas,” showcased the pair’s rap abilities, increasing the number of NCTzens with their exciting performances. Jungwoo decked out the dimly lit stage in a solid black cowboy costume and bejeweled cowboy hat to dance to a modified version of the Japanese group’s song “Lipstick”, while Yuta wowed fans with a charming performance of his solo performance “Butterfly”.

However, the single that many would argue would be the most memorable night was Johnny’s shirtless solo show, “Focus,” in which he performed a racy number inside a translucent glass room.

Gathered together as a whole group, the nine members strutted down the podium extending into the middle of the crowd, interacting with fans through waves, fingertips, and peace signs. In middle school, NCT performed their popular song “Regular (English Version)”. As Mark later mentioned, adding “Normal (English version)” to the track list was a last-minute decision when members recalled how much American fans liked the song. This adoration was definitely demonstrated by the NCTzens wildly waving their Neobongs and shouting words as loudly as possible.

The show’s finale featured three of the group’s latest songs: “Poster”, “Faster” and “Wicked 2”. At this point, there was no fan in their seat, and if they were, they were missing out. The energy reached its breaking point, peaking as the arena was filled with cheers, fireworks, lasers, and cardboard. With the encore, a bittersweet aura came from the members as they jump around the stage, dance in front of the audience, take phones and hold kisses.

When NCT 127 finished their last songs, “Dreams Come True” and “Promise You,” the members shouted their final emotional farewell to NCT scores. It was a really endearing sight to witness: fans screamed and cried as NCT 127 returned to the stage and stood behind the closing screen, concluding the show.

While K-pop might not be for everyone, the energy at K-pop parties is absolutely unparalleled, and NCT 127’s “Neo City – The Link” was definitely no exception. No doubt the NCTzens will be eagerly anticipating the group’s return to the United States.