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Netflix’s Yasuke Gets Volume Two of His Manga Edit

In an evolution from regular manga to anime adaptations, Netflix ‘Fans’ favorite anime Yasuki He gets a second adaptation from the manga before the anime’s second season debuts.

Netflix anime series Yasuki, Created by LeSean Thomas of boondocks And the black dynamite The fame, which was produced by cutting edge animation production unit Studio MAPPA, is inspired by the real-life story of a 16th century samurai of the same name who served as a confidant of Oda Nobunaga, who initiated the process that would eventually unite Japan under one government. What made Yasuki unique is that he was African, not Japanese. While these records are clear of his time in service under Nobunaga, after Nobunaga’s defeat, little of what happened to Yasuke is clear. This gives the creators of the Netflix series ample creative license to explore the character’s profile.

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In a twist from traditional manga to anime adaptation, the six-episode series, which originally aired in April 2021, was so well received that it inspired a manga adaptation. The initial manga version, written and penned by Satoshi Okunishi, premiered on July 27, 2021, at publisher Shogakukan. Monthly spirits manga anthology. While Okinishi’s manga has remained, for the most part, true to the story of the anime, it has expanded its boundaries in some aspects to include a more fantasy-oriented story, rather than fact-based fiction. While there has been no word yet, on whether the second season of Yasuki Coming, the second volume of the manga only dropped last month in September 2022.

Is Yasuki historically accurate?

Like the anime series, the manga takes a number of creative liberties to tell its story. The medium of the manga affords the author more opportunity to delve into the “once upon a time” aspects of Yasuki’s story after the historical records of his situation have ended. However, being based on an actual historical character, the anime and manga series have been consistently observed through the lens of historical accuracy. The blurring of his “eternal” life leaves plenty of room for creators to explore the character as well as the time period while staying within the confines of what is historically accurate. But this view misses the point of the series. Even historical anime and manga have rarely presented themselves as accurate, but rather as creative interpretations of history. In this regard, the anime and manga do a solid job of telling an interesting story.

Accepting the fact that the series is more legendary than true, fan support is key to their continued success. While Netflix hasn’t released a sound yet Yasuki The future After the first season, the story seems to have found a strong support network among manga fans. This support, if adequately allocated, could return the story to the traditional manga and anime development cycle. That is, may convince Netflix To the green light for the second season of Yasuki.

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Yasuki Streaming now on Netflix.