New Shonen Plus manga saves Isekai by turning the genre on its head

Warning: SPOILERS for The Game Devil #1Devil’s gamea new manga published by Shueisha through shounen + And Manga Plus, flip a file isekai Kind on the head. The protagonist, Roku Tadano, is a struggling ambition mangaca who, one day, finds his world attacked by creatures emerging from a video game designed by his best friend.

Isky Perhaps the most popular genre of manga and anime in recent years, it is usually inspired by light novels, where an ordinary person is transported from the “real” world into a fantastic world, which usually follows the rules of RPGs. The protagonist usually starts with a major feature, based on chance, cheats/glitch in the system, or a certain skill or knowledge that was useless in the real world but has now been found to be overcome. The most famous examples of this type include OverlordAnd the That time he reincarnated me as a slimeAnd the Shield Hero RiseAnd the sword art online. The Devil’s gameHowever, it is not based on a light novel series, and its hero does not move to a magical world, the opposite happens to him.

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first chapter of The Devil’s game Written by Kakunoshin Futzusawa introduces the protagonist, Roku Tadano, a talented and hardworking artist who aspires to become a published writer mangaca. just like every Isky The protagonist, Tadano struggles in his daily life: he continues to plot stories using the same character, the Black Knight, who happens to be the main character in the very popular video game called Devil’s game. Tadano’s character is not a crack once: Creator Devil’s game It is his childhood friend, Osamu Sugosugi, who stole Tadano’s ideas to create his game. However, Tadano stubbornly refuses to draw other characters, but his world is about to be turned upside down when monsters turn from Devil’s game You start appearing in central Tokyo, turning people into pixelated non-playable characters.

Why you should give Devil . a chance

hypothesis TIt’s the devil’s game I pray enough to make the first chapter worth reading. What sets this apart from other similar manga, is that there is a lot of focus on Tadano and his daily struggles to become mangaca. Before the creatures appeared from the game, at the end of the chapter, it would have been a slice of life manga telling the story of a Japanese animation artist, similar to the famous one. Bakuman By Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. It remains to be seen if this element will become secondary once the fictional aspects of Devil’s game Take center stage. However, even those are being given a new original spin. Instead of being transported within the video game, as it usually happens with isekaiTadano sees his world being taken over by creatures created by his imagination, and stolen by his friend.

Isky They are usually built around one simple idea: escaping from everyday problems and real-life struggles. in Devil’s gameHowever, it is the fantasy world that comes to reality, which makes it an interesting and original addition to the manga scene, at least judging from the first chapter.

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you can read Devil’s game On Shonen + and Manga Plus.