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Night of the Living Cat is a great manga in the form of a zombie

Halloween season is the perfect time to settle down and watch a good scary movie. Since then Victor Halperin white zombie It was released in 1932, and has been followed by thousands of zombie movies, comedies, and TV shows. One of the most amazing things about this type of zombie is how easy it is to change and upgrade the concept; Allow zombies to be anything from comical goofs to disgusting body horror distractions. However, a new manga takes the zombie genre in a brave new direction by turning zombies into cats.

serial in Comic Garden magazine, live cat night, written by Hawkman and Illustratd by Mecha-Roots is an all-new series that turns the zombie apocalypse on its head. Seven Seas Entertainment has released the first volume digitally and physically in English in time for Halloween. live cat night This is the perfect manga to read this Halloween, especially for those looking for a hilarious horror series that spoils the usual zombie archetypes.

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world live cat night

live cat night The film takes place in a world where a terrible virus is spreading at an alarming rate. This virus turns anyone infected with it into a cat in just a few seconds. These cats then chase the humans, causing the condition to spread further. And it gets even worse as cats can spread the virus just by fidgeting and cuddling, making it very difficult to defend yourself against cunning felines once a crowd finds you and surrounds you. The story follows Konagi, a young man who suffers worse than most, as Konagi somehow suffers from amnesia. As a result, he has no idea about his past, how he ended up in this strange world, or how he survived for so long.

However, Konagi’s problem is bigger. He loves cats. In fact, he adores them. When he sees a cat, he must work hard to resist petting the gentle creature. But for some strange reason, he has a deep knowledge of cats and their behavior despite the amnesia he suffers from everything else. So, with his wisdom, Kunagi sets out to find a way to undo this cat zombie virus and create a world where humans and cats can live in peace again. This task is easier said than done, as cities all over the world have become overwhelmed with cats.

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What makes a live cat night so good?live cat night 3

live cat night It is a fun blend of horror and comedy. While it’s clearly inspired by classic zombie modes, the sheer absurdity of the concept mixed with the vibrant characters and their banter means there’s plenty of comedy intertwined with the story. In addition, long-time zombie fans will find plenty of references to classic zombie modes live cat night I feel like a great tribute to this genre and to the greatest creators.

One thing stands out live cat night It is her artistic style. The characters are large and chunky, and many of them wear unusual outfits with many accessories. This, combined with the dark and destructive locations they explore, gives the series a very gritty atmosphere, to the point that the series often resembles manga from the mid to late ’90s. In fact, live cat night It seems to draw great inspiration from the aesthetic crazy max And other post-apocalyptic Diesel Punk films. This works very well, making the manga stand out against the other zombie series, most of which tend to focus on the beginning of the zombie outbreak.

live cat night It is a great manga that perfectly blends comedy and horror in one narrow package. Its unique take on the zombie genre makes it a perfect Halloween read, especially for those who’d rather get their horror in with the magic of a B-movie than be heavy on blood or sheer horror. The art style is pleasantly old, so readers who grew up with manga from the ’90s will also get a lot of nostalgia. live cat night, Addition to the book’s appeal.