Platinum Sperm in One-Punch Man

One punch man reveals that black sperm survived their defeat by Jarrow

In Chapter 169 of One-Punch Man, an executive of the Monster Society returns with an interesting and innovative idea to escape certain doom.

The following contains spoilers for Chapter 169 of One-Punch Man, “The Worst Guy I Can Run Into” by One, Yusuke Murata, John Werry, and James Gaubatz, available in English via Viz Media.

Scientist one man punch He is currently recovering from the massive damage inflicted during the major battle between the Champions League and the Monster Society. Both heroes and civilians are taken into the care of Metal Knight to remove the radiation they received from Garo while the unaffected workforce begins the cleanup. Interestingly, as the chaos subsides it also becomes an opportunity for the characters to survive on the surface.

After throwing some sense into Garu, Saitama finds his house in complete ruin. Fortunately, he had already vented all his anger and accepted the current situation for what it was. He takes Genos to the ruins to try to get at least some of their stuff back.

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Chapter 169 reveals the repercussions of the great battle fought by one punch man

Chapter 169 of one man punch Bring readers into a modern, densely populated apartment building. Three young men went to the newcomer unit hoping to intimidate and establish a hierarchy, but were in for a surprise. Instead of a random stranger, it was the king who received them; I also went there to visit him. Unfortunately, he came at the wrong time because Saitama wasn’t home, which left him wondering where the bald hero might be wandering.

In City Z, the Pig God escaped from the hospital confines and was digging among some rubble. Some government agents came to fetch him, but the S-Class champ was determined to carry on. The Class A champion Air was then forced to make a move and spot a strange puddle of water with his eyes. He immediately attacked him with his arm, only for Evil Mineral Water to respond with a high-pressure stream of water and puncture the hero’s throat. The Pig God Monster quickly swallowed the water and digested it. Watch all of these events unfold another former Monster Association executive – Black Spermatozoon.

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The Black Spermatozoon somehow survived its defeat by Garo

Upon hearing the heroes’ plan to sweep the area in search of any remaining monsters, the Black Spermatozoon immediately fled. She wandered hoping to find shelter, but stumbled upon Janus and Saitama instead. The monster immediately realized the identity of the two heroes and hurriedly hid behind some ruins. Then, another monster appeared. Pochi, who has been reduced to the size of an ordinary dog, approaches the duo of master and apprentice. To the astonishment of the Black Spermatozoon, the canine monster was warmly accepted. Then he followed and pretended to be a monkey.

After seeing Jarrow blot out platinum spermatozone, readers one man punch He is presumed dead, so this sudden appearance surprised everyone. However, it has already lost most of its strength and is now weaker than a dog. As such, the black Spermatozoon is now trying to seek refuge from the Saitama camp. Since he was no longer a threat, Saitama likely wouldn’t care about him. Although the hero may not agree to keep the monster, he may not actively drive it out. As such, the monster may become the latest addition to one man punchRajtag gang of characters.

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