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Reactions to the new series, from Reddit

As one of the best selling manga of 2021, it was nominated for an Eisner Award spy x family The transition to animation has been highly anticipated among fans of the original Shonen Jump since its inception.

Fans old and new alike rave about the show’s debut as they gather to share their thoughts on the new mod on Reddit, which garnered more than 500 comments in the first hour of the show’s release. It’s fair to say that Redditors have a lot of opinions about the new spy series, which is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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The tenth spy family It returns, with the second half of Season 1 showing new episodes every Saturday, and the Forger family’s life remains complicated, as Lloyd attempts to advance on Operation Strix while dealing with his day-to-day problems. fake family

Unique anime to adore

hypothesis The tenth spy family He sees a brilliant and calculating spy, known as Twilight, who builds a family in order to complete a mission, not realizing that the daughter and wife he chooses both have hidden talents of their own.

Related: The main cast of the Spy X family, ranked by intelligenceRedditor thisperson345 responded to the first episode positively, stating that “the premise is very unique.” Gather three people who are used to being alone and have to hide themselves The tenth spy family Immediately convincing, as each member of the newly designed Forger family has their own motives and plenty of secrets.

The perfect mix

anime The tenth spy family Unsurprisingly it mirrors the original manga genres, fusing the metaphors of family comedy with spy drama. This is evident from the first few minutes of the show, and it continues to play an important role in balancing the tone of the comics as a whole.

Redditor WhoiusBarrel shared their thoughts on the matter, believing the anime to be “the perfect blend of comedy and healthy action.” While Lloyd Forger’s final assignment on the show is a serious one, the lightness of his day-to-day life with Yor and Anya helps bring comedy to every episode.

One of the strongest first episodes ever

With so many distinct manga and anime series already in existence, it can be difficult for a series to establish itself among those so-called giants of animation. However, the first episode of Spy family x Alone was enough to convince Fans that the show has already left its mark.

One Reddit user shared his opinion on Episode 1 by stating so The tenth spy family It had one of the “most powerful first episodes I’ve seen in an anime,” thanks to the way it quickly and effectively solidified its somewhat silly premise and made it work. The anime quickly jumps into action, establishing character dynamics and giving viewers oversight over the world.

Great Expectations

As one of the biggest manga series of the past few years, it’s no surprise that fans were excited to see an anime adaptation of The tenth spy family briefly. This huge success in the manga world leads to very high expectations on the anime front.

Related: 10 Funniest Quotes From Anya On Spy X FamilyFortunately, as one Redditor put it, even their high hopes were “dashed” on the “wonderful adaptation.” This is likely the high praise from fans of the manga due to the anime’s faithfulness to its source, which has seen minor changes from page to page.

The audience is unexpectedly engulfed in emotions

While The tenth spy family It’s primarily comedic, and fans have noted that the show manages to bring in deeper feelings along with the humor, with Redditor Dalamy19 saying that along with the jokes, it manages to “slap you with feelings.”

From Lloyd’s plea to create a world where children don’t have to cry to protect Yor over Anya, X Spy Family The most intimate moments deepen the echo of emotion, making many instances of comedy brighter.

They have mastered any

Adaptations of any form often find it difficult to meet readers’ expectations, especially when readers spend a lot of time with characters, to build their own ideas about what that character will look like. But fans seem to agree Spy family x He was able to exceed these expectations.

Related: Which Spy X Family Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?Redditor aohige_rd shared their reaction by noting that the anime version of Anya “looks exactly as I imagined reading the pages”, and given how important the little telepath was to the anime’s success, this was a critical factor in adapting to get it right.

Smooth animation

With two beloved studios at the helm of this animated series, Wit Studio (the original The attack on the Giants studio) and CloverWorks (Neverland Promise And the Bunny Girl Senpai), it is not surprising that The tenth spy family It won praise for its excellent animation.

Redditor ARealYuriConnoisseur praised this aspect of the series, saying “Why is the animation so smooth?!” , a factor that helps enhance the viewing experience for any viewer. On top of that, the show’s commitment to small details helps clarify his niche, giving fans an insight into his characters.

The characters have great relationships

Where the Forger family is the core spy x family, It seems right that in order for the anime to be a success, the bonds between its three protagonists are well established and developed.

To this point, Redditor TechToTravis stated that they appreciated how the anime demonstrated the dynamic between new father-daughter duo Loid and Anya, with their shared tragic past proving “how similar they are to each other in some way.” to become the basis of their family. When Yor is later added to the mix, one of the best couples in a slice of life is forged, as a new husband-and-wife team works to build a strong family together, despite withholding their true motives from one another.

deserves success

Since it first appeared, both on the page and on the screen, The tenth spy family It’s become a widely loved title, and for fans of the series, it’s totally worth it, as it consistently delivers great stories that build on its well-established premise.

Redditor LeonKevlar summed up this sentiment, saying, “As a manga reader…Studio WIT and CloverWorks are perfect” on the adaptation, bringing the best of the manga series to life while making space for itself as an anime title as well.

You will not be disappointed

Ago The tenth spy family The anime debuted, and negative reviews surrounding the show were very few and far between, indicating that it was a huge success on all fronts.

For any manga fans or other would-be new viewers still hesitant to give the show a shot, though, Reddit user My_neutered_cat had a few words to say, noting that they “jumped on this show because people said it was going to be awesome.” And I’m glad to know that I’m not disappointed,” he said, explaining that the show is still worth watching, even for those who know very little about it.

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