Season 6 of My Hero Academia sets the release date for the English title

Season 6 of My Hero Academia sets the release date for the English title

The English title at My Hero Academia has been running powerfully alongside the original Japanese version for years, following UA students as they try to learn how to better master the quirks of trying to hold together in the Hero Society. Although the English and Japanese versions of the anime haven’t been broadcast simultaneously this season, aka they haven’t been released at the same time, fans won’t be waiting long for the sixth season’s English voice actors to return to their roles as the Shonen franchise revealed. release day.

Season 5 was a rallying cry for this showdown that’s currently taking place My hero academia The final season, with the arc focusing on the battle between the League of Villains and the army of Meta Liberation resulting in a new force threatening the Hero Society like never before. With this new insidious force numbering over a hundred thousand, Shigaraki is currently being enhanced by receiving the power of All For One, and the mad scientist Dr. Garaki has unleashed the High-End Nomu to help change the face of the Hero Society, making the supernatural Liberation Front that Much more dangerous.

the official My hero academy A Twitter account shared the news that the English Dub for Season 6 will begin on October 15, which means that fans watching the anime adaptation via this version will have to wait a little more than a week before the English voice actors return to their roles as Shonen Heroes and Villains:

Given the length of War Arc, most of Season 6 will surely focus on this battle between heroes and villains but in the pages of the manga, Final Arc plays under the artistic talent of Shonen creator Kohei Horikoshi. Just like the fight against the Paranormal Liberation Front, the final battle sees all the heroes and villains battling for the fate of the community of heroes, and some gigantic brawls have already occurred.

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