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Shinichiro met Mikey at Tokyo Revengers, new spin-offs for Naruto were announced, and more

The first week of October brought a reasonable mix of good and bad news for manga fans. While a few fan-favorite manga series experienced delays, the resulting disappointment was balanced by the announcement of new schedules in others, as well as confirmations about long-awaited projects.

To help manga fans catch up on everything that happened over the past seven days, here we have compiled the most exciting manga news from last week. Continue reading to find out more.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for different manga series.

Chifuyu and Baji become brothers in Tokyo Avengers Spinoff series, award for chainsaw manAnd other important manga news from last week

Sasuke and Sakura are ready for their new adventure (Image via Shueisha)
Sasuke and Sakura are ready for their new adventure (Image via Shueisha)

Earlier in the week, Shueisha announced eight new manga titles, slated for release between October and November. Among the new manga series, there are two Naruto pop-up, one focusing on Sasuke, and the other telling the story of Mirai, Asuma’s daughter. The new titles will be released in the following order:

  • Chieri’s love is 8 meters – October 2
  • He was killed by my younger brother-in-law – October 4
  • My girlfriend with multiple personalities – October 9
  • Muscle Island – October 15
  • After the secret school club October 18
  • Naruto: The Sasuke Story – October 23
  • Naruto: Konoha is a new legend – October 29
  • Hulu meet – November 1

The first three titles are now available for fans to enjoy, and the fourth is scheduled to be released within the next seven days. All titles will be provided by the official Shonen Jump + app. It is important to note that Shonen Jump+ requires a small monthly fee for access.

Deco did not appear this week (Image via Shueisha)
Deco did not appear this week (Image via Shueisha)

Shonen fans experienced a disappointing period last week, as Weekly Shonen Jump’s publication was delayed. This means that this series is like pieceAnd the My hero academyAnd the Jujutsu Kisen, and more so they could not release their classes according to the usual schedule. Fans will have to wait until Monday 10 October to read the upcoming chapters.

Shueisha executives did not give an official reason for the delay. Given that spoilers, raw scans and unofficial translations have already been released, it can be assumed that the delay was not due to a malfunction of any series. Fortunately, a series like chainsaw manAnd the The tenth spy familyAnd the Boruto Continue to stay on schedule.

Dungey wins the award for the second time (Image via Shueisha)
Dungey wins the award for the second time (Image via Shueisha)

In the happiest news, the chainsaw man The manga series won the prestigious Harvey Award for Best Manga of the Year. This award is given only to the series with the highest artistic quality, which is something that fans have often praised chainsaw man. The series had previously won the award during last year’s ceremony.

New sub-series based on chainsaw man As announced last week. Call Friends stories The sub-story will tell four different stories starring Denji and Power. Additional information about its publication is still unknown.

Chapter summaries

Mikey's Dark Impulses (Image via Ken Waki, Kodansha)
Mickey’s Dark Heartbeat (Image via Ken Waki, Kodansha)

Despite many manga delays this week, some series have published a chapter, including the acclaimed Tokyo Avengers. In chapter 272, fans see Shinichiro wake up to a new timeline, in which Mickey never had the terrible fall that caused his death. The young man embraced his brother in disbelief as he claimed that his attempts at time travel had succeeded.

He took Manjiru for a ride around the city on his motorbike, only to come home later and help his family clean their house. While cleaning up Shinichiro, he heard Baji shouting asking Mikey to stop and immediately ran to the property’s garden to see that Mikey had attacked Haruchiyo. The blond boy was surrounded by a black mist that represented his dark impulses.

Later that night, Shinichiro takes Manjiro to the hospital so the boy can apologize to Sanzo. Despite Mickey’s best attempts, Haruchio remained unresponsive. Older brother Sano asked Sanzo to forgive Mickey one day and remain his friend, a promise that Haruchio was happy to make. When the two young men shook hands, Shinichiro was brought back to the present.

Chifuyu and Baji laughing as brothers (Image via Yukinori Kawaguchi, Kodansha)
Chifuyu and Baji laughing as brothers (Image via Yukinori Kawaguchi, Kodansha)

The Tokyo Avengers Spinoff’s manga has also released a new chapter, featuring Bhaji and Chifuyu toughening their bond. Chapter 7 begins with Matsuno enjoying his new outfit from Toman. Baji entered the roof and asked Chifuyu to help him with an important mission. Chifuyu was overjoyed because he wanted to help Baji more than anything else.

The task turns out to be to help Keisuke and his mother rearrange their home. Matsuno was disappointed when he began to believe that he was nothing more than a simple assistant for Baji. He later becomes confused when Keisuke helps him move the locker even though he has a broken arm.

When the trio finished work, Baji’s mother asked Chifuyu to go to the store. Before the boy left, the woman asked him to take care of Keisuke, seeing her son Chifuyu as a little brother. The separation ends with Bagi and Matsuno agreeing to be surrogate siblings.

Boruto is resting now (Image via Shueisha)
Boruto is resting now (Image via Shueisha)

The tenth spy familyAnd the chainsaw manAnd the Boruto On break this week. The first two titles will return next week. in case if BorutoThe story will continue two weeks later, as the series is released every month.

last thoughts

How will Dungey celebrate his victory?  (Image via Shueisha)
How will Dungey celebrate his victory? (Image via Shueisha)
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While the past week has seen some amazing news for manga fans around the world, it has also proven disappointing for many, especially with the delay in the release of Weekly Shonen Jump.

One can only hope that next week’s seasons will not be delayed, and fans will likely continue to enjoy their favorite series without any inconvenience.

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