'Slap Dwayne' The Rock 'Johnson': Fans go wild as UFC legend Nate Diaz uploads hidden WWE flyer

‘Slap Dwayne’ The Rock ‘Johnson’: Fans go wild as UFC legend Nate Diaz uploads hidden WWE flyer

A controversial figure in the UFC, Nate Diaz, has always found herself in the news. Whether it’s because of his statements or more recently because of his anti-Dwayne Johnson behaviour. Recently, Dwayne Johnson has found himself a target of Diaz frequently.


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In 2019, Diaz refused Dwayne Johnson to hand him the BMF title to Jorge Masvidal. And recently, the DJ was once again criticized for his controversial shoe deal with the UFC and Under Armour.


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However, just a few hours ago, Diaz took to Instagram to upload a highly encrypted post. He uploaded a picture of himself standing next to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon with the caption, “We’ll see what happens next.” The post might just be a simple tease or a glimpse into Diaz’s future in WWE.

Fans went crazy on social media after seeing the post. He was quickly inundated with comments, most of which were related to Dwayne Johnson.

fan wrote, “209 slaps against the people’s champion 🔥 Book it!” The Rock: You take everything you worked for.

“Slapping the guillotine on the rock is what’s next!”.

“Finally, Nate can slap the rock.”

Additionally, one fan wrote, “Don’t be afraid homietherock.”

Others continued with, “Nate Against The Rock”Nate vs the Rock 👀 “,” @natediaz209 vstherock winner gets a pair of shoes 👀 “.

“Nate wants to fight the rock lol”.

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The majority of the comments were about Nate Diaz’s exit against The Rock. “It’s time to really put the words on the rock.”

While a match between The Rock and Nate Diaz seems unlikely, it would certainly get personal if it happened at all.

What caused the controversy between Dwayne Johnson and the UFC fighters?

Recently, several UFC fighters have been teased at The Rock, due to one of his business deals. Earlier, he confirmed a business deal with UFC, Under Armor and Project Rock. This deal saw Under Armor become the official shoe partner of the UFC.

This deal caused a stir in the locker room, where many fighters went against The Rock because they didn’t get anything to wear.

UFC Fighter Terrance McKinney took to Twitter, tagging The Rock to let him know his opinions. Nate Diaz was outspoken and controversial enough and took his frustrations out on live TV.

And so, it became a huge problem in the UFC.


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Fans also couldn’t stop talking about it.


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With Diaz now publishing a cryptic post with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, could it show his departure from the UFC to enter WWE?

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