Spy x Family stage show reveals first costumes

big anime Spy × Family It is adapted as a live musical theater show in Japan. Although the show itself hasn’t even started yet, bits and pieces are slowly taking effect to get everyone excited and ready for its big first show. Last week, the first major reveal was revealed – costumes for two main characters, and what the actors will look like.

The Spy × Family Live musical action was first announced in early May 2022, shortly after the anime premiered. It was produced by Toho Stage, one of the largest producers of animated musicals in Japan. Not many other details were revealed for some months, until September 30, when these first costumes were dropped on the official Toho Stage website.

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Spy × Family It is the story of a spy named Lloyd Forger, who has to pretend to be an ordinary man in an ordinary marriage to complete his current mission. His wife, Your Breyer, is actually his killer, and their adopted daughter, Anya, is telepathic. But Lloyd and Yor don’t know about each other’s actual professions, nor do Anya know each other! Basically, the trick and mayhem lie in this funny action-packed shounen anime.

Spy × Family It really revolutionized the anime world in the past year, surpassing other big names like Demon SlayerAnd the Haikyuu!And the Jujutsu Kisen To become the most talked about character both in Japan and abroad. The anime premiered only in April 2022 and has already risen to one of the most popular anime. Spy × Family It’s still ongoing, with the final season showing on October 1st and currently airing every week.

The main characters, Lloyd Forger and Yor Briar, have already been chosen, and these two were only revealed last week. Hiroki Suzuki will play the role of Lloyd (theatrical adaptations of Sayuki And the Two Ranbow collarsand Wayne Morisaki (Ready player one), Yue from Fuuka Yuzuki and Meri Sasaki (from the 46th band Hinatasaka). Anya has yet to be cast, but several other side characters have already been announced (although we haven’t seen any pictures of them in costume yet).

Anime adaptations can go two different ways when it comes to clothing and presentation. Some shows choose to be authentic with the source material, keeping the appearance of the characters as close to the way they appear in the anime as possible. Others choose to give the anime characters a more realistic look, using regular hairstyles and toned down costumes. It seems that Spy × Family It would be the first, because Lloyd and Yor’s costumes are very similar to that of the anime series, which probably makes a lot of fans very happy!

While many popular anime these days have become stage shows and musicals, it always remains an honor when an anime is chosen for such an adaptation. Theatrical performances are very popular in Japan, especially for anime that is less than a year old and still in progress, it is crucial that he already has a stage show in production. We’ll be really interested to see how the show will deal with Anya, and how they can keep her cute and visibly young image when it comes to the live adaptation!

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The Spy × Family The music will premiere in Tokyo on March 8, 2023.

Source: Toho Stage